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"I used to think nothing is true, but I was wrong. There is but one radiant and soon to be self-evident truth in this world. Juno is."
―Jasdip, to Juhani Otso Berg[src]

Jasdip "Jazz" Dhami (died 2018) was a former member of the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins, and the brother of Siobhan Dhami. In 2013, the siblings were tasked with locating the Koh-i-Noor diamond, a relic from the times of the First Civilization.

By 2017, Jasdip defected to the Instruments of the First Will, a cult venerating Juno, and fought against his former brothers.


Early life

Born into a family that had been affiliated with the Assassins for many generations, both Jasdip and his sister Siobhan became loyal members of the Brotherhood. In contrast to his tech-oriented sister, Jasdip was a consummate biker with dreams of being a superstar.[2]

Search for the Koh-i-Noor

"You got yourself into this when you told Siobhan you were an Assassin. It turns out you're actually just a lying piece of shit."
―Jasdip to Jot, 2013.[src]
During the latter stages of 2013, Jasdip and his sister were tasked with finding the Koh-i-Noor, a Piece of Eden that had been hidden by the Assassin Arbaaz Mir in the 19th century. Their research eventually led the two to Jot Soora, a test programmer at MysoreTech that had told Siobhan he was the descendant of a Sikh Empire Assassin; however, he refused to make contact with Siobhan again afterwards. After procuring his "Brahman V.R.", the Dhami siblings followed Jot to Mumbai, where they coerced him into coming with them.[3]
ACBM Jasdip Interrogation

Jasdip interrogating Jot

Taking him to a safehouse, Jasdip questioned Jot on the location of the Koh-i-Noor, informing the test programmer that the Templars were combing India for individuals linked to the diamond. As their captive was unable to answer, they forced Jot to relive his memories through the Brahman device. However, it soon became clear to Siobhan that Jot had lied to her, with his ancestry possessing no trace of either Arbaaz Mir's or Maharaja Ranjit Singh's bloodlines.[3]

Soon after, Abstergo operatives launched an attack on the safehouse, with the less combat-experienced Siobhan being killed in the ensuing battle. Jasdip fought off the first group of assailants, following which he cut off one of his sister's fingers to preserve her DNA for the Brotherhood. He and Jot then fled to the roof of the building, where they decided to rappel down the side of the building together; as Jasdip did so, he remotely triggered Siobhan's Hidden Blade to detonate.[3]

The resulting explosion wiped out their pursuers, but also caused Jot, who had been hanging onto Jasdip, to lose his grip and fall down into the slums. Separated from each other by the blast, the Assassin tracked down Jot, who had managed to reunite with his fiancée Monima Das, though the pair was kidnapped shortly thereafter by Abstergo agents. Jasdip mounted a rescue attempt, jumping on the Templars' van and then hurling himself onto one of the escorts' motorbikes.[3]

After taking out the escorts, Jasdip shot one of the van's tires, causing the driver to lose control and crash through the highway's safety barrier, plunging the vehicle into the Mithi River. Diving after it, the Assassin managed to free Jot, but Monima remained trapped in the sinking van and perished in the Bay of Mumbai. Jasdip then brought Jot to another Assassin safehouse hidden in the Chor Bazaar, where he reported on the failure of his mission to Dinesh.[3]

While Jasdip and Dinesh debated on what to do next, Jot began playing a recording of Monima, which led the two Assassins to discover that she had been a descendant of Princess Pyara Kaur, whose memories revealed the whereabouts of the Koh-i-Noor. As Dinesh copied the genetic data and searched for a way to wipe it off the Abstergo Cloud, Jasdip prepared for the incoming assault of Abstergo operatives. When the Templars launched their attack, Dinesh was killed immediately, leaving Jot to flee while Jasdip bought him time.[3] After taking out several assailants, Jasdip also made his escape.[4]

In 2015, Jasdip received a worldwide directive from Bishop, ordering all Assassins to search for Álvaro Gramática. While making no success in his search, Jasdip passed along his concerns to Bishop regarding her use of the Initiates, reminding that they are still civilians and he knew all too well what happens when civilians get drawn into the Assassin-Templar conflict.[5]

Joining the Instruments

Charlotte being attacked

Jasdip attacking Charlotte

By 2017, Jasdip had defected from the Assassins and joined the Instruments of the First Will. At one point, he led a group which ambushed Barindra Mitra's Assassin cell in Hong Kong, while the Assassins were breaking into an Abstergo Industries office in order to find intel about the Templars' Phoenix Project. All the Assassins were killed, with the exception of Charlotte de la Cruz who jumped through a window and was pursued by Dhami. As the Assassin fled in a van with the cell's technician, Guernica Moneo, Dhami also jumped into the vehicle and fought with de la Cruz. During their brawl, Moneo, who was driving, was hit by a shuriken launch by another Instrument who was on the roof and lost control of the van. After the crash, Dhami was interrogated by de la Cruz, but the Assassin had to flee before obtaining answers as Moneo fell uncounscious due to his injuries while the authorities were coming to the crash scene.[1]

Later, as Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut Cunningham assaulted the campus of Abstergo Entertainment in Montreal to kidnap Felix Oladele, a specialist of the Animus, they were ambushed by Dhami. After dispatching several Abstergo guards, the two Assassins entered Oladele's office, only to discover Dhami holding his severed head. A fight ensued, during which Dhami seriously injured the Japanese to the neck and was about to finish Arend when Kiyoshi shot him in the back. Standing on a cleaner's mobile, Dhami then fell from the building.[1]

Dhami survived the fall and went to Geneva where the Assassin My'shell Lemair and the Templar Berg were investigating irregularities in the accounts of their respective Orders. As Lemair was taken at knife point by Berg to the backstairs of the Bank in order to interrogate her, the Templar sensed that they were observed. He knocked down the Assassin and fought off the Instruments who suddenly appeared, managing to kill five of them with his bare hands before he collapsed. Berg was then slapped around by Jasdip Dhami, whom revealed himself as a member of the fifth column that the Templar was tracking. To Berg who recognized him back from his mission in Mumbai, Dhami stated that he no longer cared about avenging his sister, only to serve his new "mistress". Before leaving with the rest of his men, Dhami warned Berg to stop his investigation, or risk his daughter's life, and threw the Templar plummeting over a guard rail.[1]

Sin título

Jasdip with Elijah

Later, back in the Instruments' HQ, Violet and Jasdip argued over how Berg was treated, with Violet being angry that her friend had been harmed so brutally as she believed that in time Berg would join them. Jasdip countered, telling the Templar that she was overstepping and that it was only Juno's right to decide who was worthy to see Eden reborn. At this moment Juno appeared to her two lieutenants in an overhead monitor, stating that she had what she needed from Charlotte de la Cruz, having discovered that the Koh-i-Noor was last seen in Spain. Dhami then guided Desmond Miles' son to a crowd of waiting Instruments, where the two informed the cheering cultists of their mistress' success.[1]

Personality and characteristics

"Fuck him. We don't have time for this. We've all lost people today."
―Jasdip expressing his frustration at Jot's grief over losing Monima, 2013.[src]
ACBM Jasdip Combat

Jasdip fighting the Abstergo soldiers

Unlike his sister, Jasdip was a fairly gruff individual that remained level-headed and focused on his mission at all times, eschewing sentimentality. This attitude led him to save Jot's life on multiple occasions, despite resenting the test programmer for lying about his heritage and indirectly causing Siobhan's demise. Still, Jasdip had little sympathy for Jot's grief over Monima's death, as it interfered with the Assassins' operations.[3]

Equipment and skills

An action-oriented Assassin, Jasdip was well-versed in the art of close combat, being able to take out several heavily-armed Abstergo operatives by himself through the use of acrobatics and brute strength as well as hold his own against Arend Schut Cunningham in unarmed combat. Jasdip was capable of throwing knifes. As well as this, he was skilled in the use of firearms and could drive a motorcycle He also appeared to be very physically strong lifting Juhani Otso Berg above his head only day's after sustaining multiple gun shots.[3]

Jasdip also possessed a Hidden Blade, but seemed to prefer other tactics in combat as he scarcely used it. His Assassin gear was referred to as a "slip-suit", a sleeveless white outfit that was meant to give him a stealth advantage, though the Templars could combat this with advanced optics. Usually, Jasdip wore a hooded combat vest over it for better protection.[3]

As a member of the Instruments of the First Will, Jasdip uses a suit of "GM spider silk body armor" from Abstergo capable of withstanding three point-blank gunshots and falling multiple stories with minimal damage.[1]


  • Jasdip is mainly a Sikh name which comes from Guru Granth Sahib, meaning "light of the lord's glory". The more common pan-Indian name "Yashdeep" is its cognate; both names ultimately derive from the Sanskrit words yasha, meaning "fame, glory", and deep, meaning "light".
  • In Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Jasdip is referred to as "Jhadsip" by Juhani Otso Berg.
  • Although a body wearing similar clothes to Jasdip's can be seen laying at the feet of Otso Berg at the end of Assassin's Creed: Brahman, an audio file in Assassin's Creed: Rogue confirmed he managed to survive the attack and escape.
  • Juno refers to Jasdip as her "blade".




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