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Jariya al-Zakiyya was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Spanish Inquisition.


Jariya al-Zakiyya was a half-Moorish spy and cunning Assassin from Granada who was raised in the Sultan's court during the Renaissance.[1]

A woman of great beauty, she was reputed to have been the secret child of the former Sultan Abu al-Hasan Ali and his Christian slave lover. As a result, Jariya was raised by the women of the sultan's harem.[1]

Jariya also became the chilhood friend of Boabdil, who would eventually become the Sultan Muhammad XII of Granada. Trusting Jariya as a loyal confidant, Boabdil asked his friends and allies the Assassins to train her as one of their own. Jariya then served as Muhammad XII's personal spy for many years.[1]

When Granada fell and Muhammad XII had to surrender his kingdom to the Spanish Monarchs, he made Jariya swear on his life that she would flee Granada and join the Spanish Brotherhood to avenge him.[1]


  • If Abu al-Hasan Ali was indeed Jariya's father, the Assassin was in fact the half-sister of Muhammad XII.
    • Her backstory references Isabel de Solís, Hasan's Castilian concubine and later second wife after converting to Islam and taking the name Zoraya. While there is no evidence she had a daughter, she did have two sons by the sultan.
  • Jariya, Arabic جَارِيَة‎ (jāriya), means 'slave-girl, a concubine'.[2] Al- is the Arabic definitive article, designating 'the'. Zakiyya is derived from the Arabic word زكي (zakii), which means 'pure, chaste' but also 'intelligent'.[3]




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