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Jarha speaking to Bayek

Jarha was an Egyptian farmer who lived in Kanopos Nome during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Jarha was a farmer who worked in the fields along with his family near Apollodorus' estate. Due to the fields being located near the river, Jarha and the farmers would encounter many attacks by hippopotamus as well as by the bandits from the Potamos Hideout, located in the west. However, his cousin Meketre later took up the role as a protector, protecting the farmers from the bandit and hippopotamus attacks.[1]

During one of the bandit raids in 48 BCE, Meketre was captured by the bandits, leaving the farmers unprotected. As such, the bandits were free to roam, their passing exciting the hippos enough for the animals to lay waste to anything and everything in sight. As a result, some of the bandits were slain alongside the farmers. Jarha and his aunt survived the attack however. When the Medjay Bayek of Siwa happened to pass by, Jarha enlisted his aid to carry the bodies of his family to safety and find Meketre, hoping to appease his aunt. Bayek succeeded in retrieving the bodies, but was unable to find Meketre. Nevertheless, Jarha thanked Bayek for his efforts and directed him to the bandit hideout, where he would eliminate the bandits and free Meketre.[1]



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