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Jannisary Sword

The Janissary Kijil

The Janissary Kijil was the standard service kilij of the Janissaries of the Ottoman Empire during the 15th century.


An exemplar of the Turkish scimitar commonly called the kilij, the Janissary Kijil is a single-edged, curved sword whose blade "flares" outward suddenly at its last third point towards the tip. Although quite heavy and not particularly resilient, it was a deadly weapon capable of inflicting devastating wounds.[1]


At the height of the Ottoman Empire, the Janissary Kijil was the standard sword of the Janissaries, the empire's elite infantry corps. Despite its prestigious status, the scimitar was made available for public purchase by blacksmiths in Constantinople beginning in the latter half of 1511.[1]

Weapon statistics

Damage Speed Deflect Cost Availability
4 2 2 28,290 Akce Sequence 6


  • Although the weapon is only available in shops after "A Little Errand", it can be used earlier by picking up the weapon disarmed or dead Janissary. Provided the player has no primary weapon equipped, he or she would be able to equip the Janissary Kijil.
  • "Kijil" is a misspelling of kilij, a Turkish scimitar.



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