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Janice Asquith was a British citizen, living in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


In 1868, Janice was to be engaged to Everett Boyd, an entrepreneur planning to use the dowry in a business venture. To her father's chagrin, Janice doubted whether the engagement was the right path for her to take, and started attending séances from Thaddeus the Great, hoping to ask her deceased elder sister for her advice.

Boyd, also annoyed by the delay of his marriage, bribed Thaddeus, asking him to tell Janice that her sister approved of the marriage. During the final séance, however, Thaddeus' was killed by Douglas, and in the resulting investigation, Jacob or Evie Frye brought Boyd's scheme to light. When confronted with this, however, Janice chose not to believe it, insisting that Thaddeus had been a true psychic.