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"At first, I thought she was a crazy environmentalist, like me. Ha! Turns out she was crazier, she was one of us."
―Susan Drayton discussing Janice with William Miles, 2014.[src]

Janice (died 2012) was a member of the modern-day Canadian Brotherhood of Assassins, who led an Assassin cell in Whistler, Canada.


Sometime in 2012, Janice rescued activist Susan Drayton from police custody after she had been arrested for breaking into a water supply plant in Prince George and stealing a sample of New Fluoride. Janice convinced Susan to join the Assassins, telling her that she believed the Assassins should have a strong connection to nature.[1]

On 12 September 2012, Janice called Gavin Banks and requested more Assassins to assist her, since she had only two others in her cell. Gavin promised to do what he could, but in that moment, Janice heard someone outside the safehouse and one of her fellow Assassins scream. However, as she headed to investigate, Janice was intercepted by a team of Templars led by Daniel Cross and killed.[2]



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