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"I make my life up here now. I'm an Assassin. This is my family."
―Jamie to Connor.[src]

Jamie Colley (born 1744) was a member of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins who lived in the Western District of the colony of New York. Upon being recruited by Connor, he allowed for his Assassin recruits to ambush targets at any given time.


Early life[]

Jamie Colley was born in 1744 to a dock worker named James Colley and an unknown mother. As a child, he attended Trinity School, where he was reported to be a bright student; the instructors noted that he "was destined for great things". At the end of the three years he resided there, Jamie apparently left school to begin earning money.[1]

Jamie became estranged from both his parents, since his father left while he was only a child and his mother worked in the southern colonies, caring for slaves on a plantation. However, Jamie detested slavery and robbing people of freedom, hence choosing not to contact his mother for her part in the plantation.[1]

However, his prospects did not improve as a teenager and while in New York, he was fined for vagrancy several times. Around this time, Jamie began partaking in odd jobs around New York for various local businesses, until he began working for a physician, where his intelligence was recognized as an asset. As such, he worked for several years as his assistant.[1]

Joining the Assassins[]

After the Great Fire of 1776, Jamie began working in the district affected by the fire, assisting the homeless, disease-stricken populace. Jamie was forced to deal with epidemic on his own with limited resources due to the severe poverty of the district. On Connor's arrival to the city, Jamie requested the Assassin's assistance in this task, to which Connor burned infected blankets, put down rabid dogs, and carried smallpox victims to the clinic for inoculation.[2]

Protect the Clinic 1

Jamie thanking Connor for his help

A group of Templars attacked Jamie's clinic in order to kill the infected and prevent the epidemic from spreading. Connor helped to defend the clinic, and upon Connor's instructions, Jamie ambushed the leader and killed him. Following this, Connor explained the truth of the Templars and recruited Jamie into the Assassin Brotherhood. Eventually, Jamie admitted that he considered the Assassins his real family rather than his parents.[2]

After completing several missions assigned by Connor, Colley rose through the ranks and eventually became a full fledged Assassin.[3]