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James Morse is an employee of Abstergo Industries who works as a secretary in their Washington, D.C. office. His position allowed him to view emails sent between his colleagues on a number of different topics.


On 13 June 2010, James and his colleague Kyle Milton organized a game of tennis after work.[1] On 27 June, James was required to sign off on several purchase orders made by Jansen March.[2]

On 11 November, James was emailed by a Leonard Wong to schedule a meeting with Alan Rikkin.[3] Some time later, on 28 November, Caroline Grey requested that James check on security and data after an attempted hack by Erudito.[4] The next day, James received an email from Carson Kairns regarding a delivered package with no invoice.[5]

On 10 December, after an individual under the alias of "Guy Fawkes" uploaded company secrets to WikiLeaks, James scheduled a three-hour meeting appointment with Alan Rikkin and the suspected leaker, Shaun Hastings.[6] Several Animus blueprints also disappeared in the leak, Morse stayed back at work afterwards covering for Harland Hammerstein.[7] During this time, Shaun Hastings escaped from Abstergo security and so Rikkin canceled his meeting.[8]

On 12 December, after C-Wing had been blocked off Jason Kent emailed James asking him to ease tension within the employee circle.[9] A day later, James was asked to hand press releases to various media outlets regarding Abstergo's public image.[10] On 14 December, James was CC'd in an email between Vidic and Steve Gibbs, regarding the need to terminate Subject 15 after she had outlived her usefulness.[11]

On 3 January 2011, James wished Jason Kent a belated Happy New Years.[12]

Behind the scenes[]

James Morse has, to date, never appeared in an official Assassin's Creed game release. The character was instead created for use on a now-defunct 2010 promotional Abstergo Industries website where his emails could be accessed by entering the password PFRDVJ5aLLg.

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