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Jamaica is an island country in the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean, of which it is the third largest island. Its largest city and capital is Kingston, on the southern shore.


Jamaica was ruled by Spain throughout the 16th century and half of the 17th century. In 1655, however, the Spanish were forced off the island by the English. Jamaica remained English, and later British, until it gained full independence in 1962.

It was the home of Peter Beckford the Elder, the employer of Sage Thom Kavanagh, in the latter half of the 17th Century, and the headquarters of Dutch slaver Laurens Prins until his death at the hands of Edward Kenway.

A few years later, the pirate and Sage Bartholomew Roberts revealed the Observatory's location on the northern shore of the island, hidden within the jungles of Long Bay. After Templar Grand Master Laureano de Torres y Ayala was killed there in 1722, the complex was sealed by the Assassins.

During the Colonial era, Lewis Hutchinson immigrated to the island and bought Edinburgh Castle in 1768. From 1770 until his arrest in 1773, Hutchinson resided in the castle, killing and robbing all of the people who wandered into his home. In 1776, the Assassin Connor traveled to the island and infiltrated the castle, eventually collecting a piece of a map leading to Captain William Kidd's hidden treasure.


  • The island is home two naval forts; Fort Charlotte in the northwest, and Fort Navassa in the east, on a smaller island offshore.


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