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Jaime del Rada was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the 15th century.


A cocky, well-connected Spanish nobleman from the Renaissance, Jaime del Rada was a skilled fighter who pleaded the lack of personal troops to avoid participating in the Reconquista. He had extensive social connections and a busy social life, attending parties and functions held by other nobles and the Spanish monarchs, but his true allegiance lay with the Brotherhood.[1]

One of Jaime's grand passion was for art, moving within a social circle of fellow aristocratic art collectors and art merchants. His weakness was gambling, often recklessly so. Lupo Gallego, King of Thieves, knew of Jaime's love of gambling and contacted him with an offer to sell him a valuable work of art that had been acquired illegally. Lupo's instincts were right: Jaime was intrigued by the thrill of the illegal transaction.[1]

Lupo was subsequently impressed by Jaime's commitment to his values, which were in line with the Brotherhood's, and recommended that he be recruited. Jaime admired the Assassins' goals, and willingly joined them.[1]

Working closely with his friend Lupo, Jaime then expanded his amateur dabbling as an art dealer, willingly selling art "recovered" by the Thieves' Guild to fund the Brotherhood's fight against the Templar Order.[1]

In 1489, Lupo entrusted Jaime with five paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and instructed to find a buyer for them. However Jaime foolishly gambled the paintings away to an Inquisition captain, Diego de Burgos. De Burgos split the paintings, giving each to one of his subordinates. Lupo, ashamed at his misjudgment of Jaime called the Brotherhood to help return the painting and clean up the mess Jaime made. Jaime himself was ashamed by his actions and helped in the retrieval.[2]

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