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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

Jacques de Molay's advisor (died 1307) was a member of the Templar Order who served under his close friend, the Grand Master Jacques de Molay. He was killed by the French Assassins during the Friday 13 raids.

By 2014, Abstergo had acquired a sample of the advisor's DNA and incorporated his memories of the raid—ordered by King Philip the Fair, after coercion by the French Assassin Mentor Thomas de Carneillon, on the Temple—as promotional launch material for the Helix Navigator, in order to market the technology's virtual experience aspect.


On 13 October 1307, the advisor was tasked by the Grand Master to hide a Sword of Eden and the Codex Pater Intellectus during an attack by the forces of King Philip the Fair. The Templar was successful in his mission, but was seemingly killed by the Master Assassin Thomas de Carneillon shortly after.[1]

In 2014, the representation of the advisor's memories stored in the Helix were explored by an Assassin initiate, before transitioning onto the memories of Arno Dorian with the aid of Bishop.[2]


  • The advisor is one of three playable Templars in the series' main campaigns, the other two being Haytham Kenway and Shay Cormac.