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Jacopo de' Pazzi (1421 – 1480) was an affluent Florentine noble and a member of the Roman Rite of the Templar Order.

Belonging to the noble Pazzi family, Jacopo maintained a chief role in family affairs, operating the Pazzi banking enterprise. He was the great-uncle of Vieri and Viola de' Pazzi, and also the uncle of Francesco de' Pazzi.

An associate of Lorenzo de' Medici, Jacopo had nothing against the ruler of Florence personally, so he commissioned four Templar assassins to murder Lorenzo and resolve the situation for him in 1478.


Pazzi Conspiracy[]

"Libertà! Libertà! Libertà! Popolo e libertà! (Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! People and liberty!)"
―Jacopo at the Palazzo della Signoria.[src]

In 1478, Jacopo met with fellow Templar conspirators Francesco and Vieri de' Pazzi, alongside Rodrigo Borgia, Grand Master of the Italian Templars, within San Gimignano. The group discussed the details of their plot to take over Florence, and Jacopo was given the responsibility of calming the Florentine citizens once the deed was done.

While the Assassin Ezio Auditore had infiltrated San Gimignano alongside his uncle and his mercenaries, a Templar meeting was soon concluded and the group took the Templar pledge, before they departed from the city, aside for Vieri, who remained behind. From there, Vieri was subsequently killed by Ezio, who had eavesdropped on the meeting, after his forces had overwhelmed Vieri's guards.

Novella's Secret 2

Jacopo at the Templar meeting

Later that same year, Jacopo convened with Templar loyalists inside the catacombs beneath Santa Maria Novella, with the meeting once again being conducted by Rodrigo. During it, Jacopo vocalized his concerns regarding the underestimated capabilities of their enemies, however, it was swiftly brushed aside by Francesco, who gave Rodrigo his word that the operation would succeed.

The following morning, once Francesco and the other conspirators had attacked the Medici at the Duomo, Jacopo rallied Pazzi supporters in front of the Palazzo della Signoria, chanting for liberty.

However, to Jacopo's astonishment, Francesco's body was flung over the front face of the Palazzo during the rally, while Medici supporters cheered from above, on the roof of the building. Paranoid, Jacopo immediately fled the city on horseback, seeking sanctuary in San Gimignano.


Ezio: "I've been sent from Firenze by Il Magnifico to attend to some unfinished business. I'm looking for Jacopo de' Pazzi."
Mario: "Ha... Who isn't? We've been at it for days."
—Ezio and Mario discuss Jacopo's escape.[src]

Upon fleeing Florence, Jacopo took refuge in San Gimignano along with his co-conspirators Bernardo Baroncelli, Stefano da Bagnone, Francesco Salviati, and Antonio Maffei. Maintaining a vast range of resources, Jacopo concealed himself well within the city; however, his co-conspirators lacked his assets, and were ultimately hunted down and assassinated by Ezio Auditore. Through these assassinations, Ezio ascertained the location of another Templar gathering that Jacopo was preparing to attend.

In 1480, Ezio used that information to locate Jacopo in front of a church within the city. Jacopo traveled to an ancient Roman theater, while the Assassin tailed behind. Eventually arriving at the meeting, Ezio remained towards the back of the theater and observed as Jacopo met with Rodrigo and Emilio Barbarigo, a formidable Venetian merchant and Templar.

With Friends 2 v

Jacopo attempting to reason with Rodrigo

Tentative, Jacopo attempted to convey an explanation regarding their failure in Florence, claiming Francesco had acted rash and impulsively, while also chiding Emilio for sending "garbage" weapons, provoking Rodrigo's wrath. Despite Jacopo's attempts to defuse the situation, Rodrigo stabbed him in the stomach with a stiletto. Observing the wound with a petrified look, he pleaded for his life to Emilio.

Remorselessly, Emilio stabbed Jacopo again and shoved him to the ground, to which Rodrigo brandished his blade and thrust it through Jacopo's neck, leaving him to perish. Turning away from Jacopo's dying figure, Rodrigo called on his men to capture and kill Ezio, as they were aware of his presence, before departing from the theater with Emilio.

Despite opposition, Ezio broke free of his hold and vanquished the guards, before the Assassin made his way to the stage, where he ended Jacopo's suffering using his Hidden Blade.

Personality and traits[]

Jacopo: "It's Francesco's fault! His impatience made him reckless! I tried to be the voice of reason..."
Emilio: "More like the voice of cowardice."
—Jacopo quarrels with Emilio at a Templar meeting.[src]
NVS 25

Jacopo reprimanding Francesco for underestimating the Assassins

As a member of the Templar Order and a conspirator against the Medici, Jacopo was pragmatic in his planning. He was not conceited and was practical when he spoke of his enemies, reminding Francesco to view the Assassins as a viable threat after Vieri's assassination. He also was rational when he fled to San Gimignano, and chose to remain hidden until he needed to attend the meeting in the countryside.

Although Jacopo exhibited sensible behavior, his conduct was often regarded as cowardice by his fellow Templars, as well as the Medici. However, upon being condemned as a coward by Emilio, Jacopo immediately began arguing with the Venetian merchant, blaming him for their failure in Florence.

Jacopo was also an apologetic man, who respected his superiors, despite occasionally letting his behavior get out of hand. He spoke softly and was shy towards Rodrigo, remaining loyal and obedient to the Grand Master even on his deathbed, telling Rodrigo he could fix the fiasco in Florence.


  • Historically, Jacopo died in 1478. He was hurled through a window by an enraged Florentine mob after the failed Pazzi conspiracy, before being dragged through the streets and then flung into the Arno.
  • Jacopo is voiced by Arthur Grosser, who also portrays Pope Sixtus IV in Assassin's Creed: Lineage.
  • Jacopo is the only character seen riding a horse in the city of Florence, and the only non-player character to ride a horse in Assassin's Creed II, except for Agile guards during the "Romagna Holiday" memory.
  • Jacopo is the only assassination target in Assassin's Creed II who does not say anything in the Memory Corridor.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Jacopo's death plays out differently; Ezio respectfully kisses Jacopo's forehead before plunging his Hidden Blade into his heart as a sign of mercy.