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The Society of Friends of the Constitution, more commonly known as the Jacobin Club, was a radical left-wing political party during the French Revolution.

During the constitutional monarchy, the Jacobins' main enemies were the dominant party, the moderate Girondins, who they eventually toppled, along with King Louis XVI in 1793.

The party was founded in 1789, and for the first two years of its existence, the party was more politically moderate than it would later become, and was lead by the Assassin Mentor, the Comte de Mirabeau. However, after his death in 1791, the club was taken over by and served as the main guise of the Templar Order's radical faction under the leadership of François-Thomas Germain, who fought for supremacy with the Order's conservative wing led by Élise de la Serre, daughter of the usurped Grand Master François de la Serre.

When the Jacobins prevailed against the Girondins in June 1793, Germain gave the reins of government to a fellow Templar, Maximilien de Robespierre, who initiated the Reign of Terror, wherein thousands of French people were executed on increasingly questionable charges.

As the citizens turned against the Jacobins, Robespierre was hunted by Élise and her adopted brother, the Assassin Arno Dorian, both of whom were seeking vengeance against Germain for Grand Master de la Serre's death and reasoned Robespierre would be the most likely to know where he was. Robespierre was captured by revolutionaries on July 27th 1794, but was freed by his supporters as he was being escorted to prison.

Pursued by Arno, he subsequently fled to the Hôtel de Ville where he sought refuge until reinforcements arrived, but was discovered by Arno, who was soon joined by Élise. When Robespierre refused to tell them anything, Élise shot him in the jaw and told him to write instead. Robespierre finally disclosed that Germain was hiding in the Temple. With this information, Élise and Arno left, unseen, just as revolutionaries arrived to arrest Robespierre.

The following day, Robespierre was guillotined, and a less radical government was established under the Directory. The Jacobin party collapsed without Robespierre's leadership, and though attempts were made to re-establish it in various forms as late as 1799, none lasted more than a few months.

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