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Jacobin Raid was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Hell-bent on taking down the remaining members of the Jacobin Club, Théroigne de Méricourt launched an assault on their hideout. She was aided in this by the Assassin Arno Dorian and his compatriots, who sought to kill the Jacobin leaders before they could flee Paris.


Théroigne de Méricourt advanced on the Jacobin hideout, followed by a crowd of angry civilians.

  • Méricourt: Jacobins! It is your turn to bleed!
  • Bishop: Théroigne de Méricourt. A revolutionary out for revenge.

Méricourt was shown advocating the rights of women in the previous year.

  • Théroigne: We declared the Rights of Man - but what of women!

A Jacobin whipped her in response.

  • Jacobin leader 1: Robespierre names you an enemy of the Republic, harlot. You have no rights.
  • Bishop: Jacobins had it in for Méricourt. Whipped her to within an inch of her life.

The scene switched back to Méricourt rallying the crowd outside the Jacobin hideout.

  • Méricourt: The Terror ends tonight!
One of Méricourt's allies smashed one of the Jacobin hideout's windows with a rock.
Jacobin Raid 2

One of the last Jacobin leaders

  • Jacobin leader 1: Save a bullet for yourself, and pray you have better aim than Robespierre.
  • Bishop: This is what's left of the Jacobins, the radical party behind the reign of Terror. Hasn't been their week. Maximilien Robespierre, Jacobin leader, died the day before.
    Jacobin Raid 3

    Robespierre's execution.

  • Jacobin 1: Tunnel is ready.
  • Jacobin leader 1: Good.
  • Bishop: The Jacobins are making their last stand here, and plan to flee Paris. Infilitrate the Jacobin hideout and end the Reign of Terror.

Arno began making his way towards the hideout.

  • Bishop: The Jacobin Club is too well-guarded. Méricourt will get cut to pieces unless you thin the ranks.

Arno entered the hideout.

  • Jacobin 2: Who is this woman to threaten us?
  • Jacobin 3: That's Théroigne de Méricourt.
  • Jacobin 2: Never heard of her.
  • Jacobin 3: Méricourt was the Girondist war chief. She's killed dozens of men in battle.
  • Jacobin 2: Who, her?!
  • Jacobin 3: She's no woman. She's a devil in a dress.

Arno eliminated the Jacobins standing guard, allowing Méricourt entrance into the hideout.

  • Théroigne: My thanks, but I ask you for another favour. Find their escape tunnels, and kill the Jacobins before they escape.
  • Bishop: Shit! There's more upstairs.

Arno killed the Jacobin ambushers.

  • Bishop: You've got to find the entrance to the tunnels.

Arno activated a hidden mechanism, revealing the secret passage behind the fireplace.

  • Bishop: Get down into those tunnels and take out the Jacobin leaders.

Arno entered the catacombs.

  • Jacobin 4: Are we going West?
  • Jacobin 5: I heard we are going to Normandy, then across the channel.
  • Jacobin 4: I guess we will find out soon.

Arno tracked down the Jacobin leaders.

  • Jacobin leader 1: That bitch Méricourt is at our heels. I can't believe those idiots couldn't keep that scum at bay.
  • Jacobin leader 2: She had help, from whom I don't know.
  • Jacobin leader 1: I don't need excuses; I need to get out of this tomb. We need to move!
  • Jacobin leader 3: The Italians have promised safe passage to Corsica. We must reach Sens by morning.
  • Jacobin leader 4: I've just received word that the church has been taken, we must move quickly! Get the men ready to move at my signal!

Arno assassinated the Jacobin leaders.

  • Bishop: Good work, you got 'em. Time to get out of these sewers.

Arno exited the catacombs.

  • Bishop: The Jacobins never did regain power in France. The Assassins can take some credit for that.


The last Jacobin leaders were assassinated, further weakening their remaining power in France.


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