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"I don't know who you are but if you should need my help, I am happy to give it."
―Jacob Zenger to Ratonhnhaké:ton.[src]-[m]

Jacob Zenger (born 1739) was a German-born member of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins, who was recruited by Ratonhnhaké:ton in New York. Prior to his career in the Brotherhood, Zenger served as a Hessian in the German Army.

On his allegiance with the Assassins, Zenger allowed Connor the tactic of using disguised recruits to escort him past guard patrols.


Early life[]

Jacob was born near the town of Mannheim, in southwestern Germany. He was the son of a farmer and one of thirteen siblings, though only four of his brothers and sisters reached adulthood along with him. From there, Jacob married a woman named Wilhemina, of which the pair had one son.[1]

As Zenger's family was poor and his career prospects were limited in Mannheim, Jacob followed the promise of a better life and signed up as a soldier. After several years in the service, he was shipped to New York, as one of the Hessians sent to fight for the British in the Revolutionary War. Although reluctant to leave, Jacob was confident that his wife was strong enough by herself and so too would their son be.[1]

Like many of the Hessian troops, however, he left the service after arriving overseas. Eager to reunite with his wife and son, Zenger bought a plot of land and departed New York. However, after a string of crop failures, he was forced to move back to the city, taking up a work as a bodyguard, the only career suited to him.[1]

Joining the resistance and the Assassins[]

While in New York, Jacob noticed that the city had come under martial law by the Redcoats, who had began to oppress the civilians. With this in mind, Jacob joined the resistance efforts. During this time, he met with Connor, a man who was helping to liberate the district. At Jacob's advice, Connor aided resistance members, prevented executions and interrogated several Redcoats, ascertaining information on the officer in charge of the martial law.[2]

In a ruse to assassinate the officer, Jacob disguised himself as a Redcoat and presented Connor as a captured prisoner. From there, the pair walked past the guards and killed their target. Connor revealed that the man was actually a Templar, and after understanding their motivations, Jacob offered to join the Assassin Order. After completing several missions assigned by Connor, he rose through the ranks and eventually became a fully fledged Assassin.[2]

After a while, Jacob decided to send money to his wife and son for them to come to the colonies, eager to reunite with them. While at a tavern, Jacob conversed with Connor, expressing his worries for his wife and son's safety. However, on receiving a letter about how strong his son had grown, Jacob sent them money they needed to come to America regardless, his excitement trumping his fears.[2]

In 1781, Zenger, alongside Deborah Carter, Duncan Little, and Stephane Chapheau, helped the Marquis de Lafayette clear the tunnels to New York's militarized district as part of Connor's plot to infiltrate Fort George and assassinate Charles Lee.[3]


  • In combat, Jacob wielded blunt weapons.
  • Jacob, from Hebrew origins, has been translated as "supplanter" or "holder of the heel". Zenger, or alternatively zanger from Germanic origins, tends to be translated as "lively, spritely, vivacious."
  • Zenger will not appear in the tunnels if Connor has not recruited him.