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"You cannot trust the words of snake, which even in death, produces venom."
―Jabal to Altaïr, 1191.[src]

Jabal (born c. 1150s) was a member of the Levantine Brotherhood of Assassins, a Rafiq and Bureau leader in Acre during the Third Crusade.


Altaïr's visits[]

Before the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad lost his rank of Master Assassin due to an incident at Solomon's Temple, Jabal – like all other Bureau leaders – used to give him the information necessary to assassinate his target, rather than forcing him to search for the knowledge himself.[2]

However, this changed as Altaïr was stripped of his ranks, to become a novice once more, learning the ways of assassination and stealth through gathering information. Thus, Jabal and the other Bureau leaders constantly pushed Altaïr to find out as much of his target as possible, and also trying to cleanse him from the arrogance that had caused him to fail at Solomon's Temple.[2][3]

First visit[]

When Altaïr had to assassinate his first target at Acre, Garnier de Naplouse, Jabal seemed impressed as the former Master Assassin had told him that he had already gathered enough information to safely go through with his mission. The Bureau leader continued his interrogation of the Assassin, eventually giving him permission to go, stating: "Remove this stain from Acre, Altaïr. Perhaps it will help cleanse your own.", slyly hinting towards the Assassin's failure.[2][3]

Second visit[]

AC1 Acre Bureau Feather

Altaïr receiving a feather from Jabal

The second time Altaïr came to visit Jabal during his hunt for the Nine Templars, to assassinate William of Montferrat, Jabal greeted the Assassin, telling him that word of his deeds had spread. The Rafiq then mentioned that Altaïr seemed sincere in his desire to redeem himself, letting on that he previously lost trust in the Assassin when he first heard of Altaïr's failure. He then told Altaïr what he knew of the target, before letting him go to search for information himself. Later, Altaïr came back to Jabal, once again telling the Bureau leader what he had found out about his target. Jabal heard him out, eventually giving him leave to go, handing him a feather marker to stain with his target's blood. Altaïr then assured Jabal that he would be back after assassinating Montferrat.[2][3]

Third visit[]

On Altaïr's third arrival, to assassinate Sibrand, Jabal seemed to be in a less joyful mood than he had been before, nodding sagely as the Master Assassin mentioned Sibrand's name. When Altaïr told the Rafiq he had already learned much about his target, Jabal seemed obviously impressed, but pushed the Assassin to tell him everything he knew, before handing the Assassin the feather, warning him to be on his guard.

However, when Altaïr turned to leave, the Rafiq apologized for doubting the dedication the former Master Assassin showed to the Assassins' cause. After Altaïr reassured him it was himself who erred, and that Jabal owed him nothing, the Rafiq let him go, wishing him safety as he left.[2][3]

Retaking of Masyaf[]

Jabal was present during the retaking of Masyaf, as one of the few Assassins unaffected by an Apple of Eden's influence. After saving Altaïr from several Assassins influenced by said Apple, Jabal – alongside Malik Al-Sayf and several others – flanked the other entranced Assassins whilst Altaïr battled Al Mualim.[3]

Subsequently after Al Mualim's demise, there were riots from the Assassins and civilians, still not accepting the truth of Al Mualim's betrayal. Jabal was one of the Assassins to stay loyal to Altaïr during the riots and help calm them.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Jabal tended to always be in a jovial mood; it is mentioned that his eyes twinkled as he greeted Altaïr back into his Assassin Bureau, while also pleasantly firing off a joke: "A little bird told me you'd be paying a visit," referring to the messenger pigeon that Al Mualim had sent. He also seemed slightly easy to entertain, as he smiled at this joke and let go of the pigeon, watching it with amused eyes.

He appeared to be very old – having a fully grayed beard – but still aware as to what exactly was going on around him, already knowing of Altaïr's failure at Solomon's Temple the first time the Assassin had come to the Acre Bureau.

Later, as Altaïr was about to assassinate Sibrand, Jabal apologized for his mistrust in the dedication Altaïr showed to the Assassin cause, showing that there was more than just his humorous appearance. Despite this, Jabal seemed to be more understanding towards Altaïr than his other colleagues in Damascus and Jerusalem, which may have been due to his old age and wisdom.