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The Jötnar (singular Jötunn) were a faction of Isu operating from the realm of Jötunheimr. In Norse mythology, they were a race of giants who originated from Jötunheimr.


The jötnar were towering beings who claimed singular descent from Ymir,[1] the first primeval being created in the chaotic void of Ginnungagap.[2] Although often referred to as anything from "giants" due to their size or "trolls" for perceived misshapen appearances, jötnar were in fact shape-changers who could take on any form.[1]

Most famously, the Norse trickster god Loki was half jötunn,[1] and fathered[3] three children[4] with the giantess Angrboða, who would later fight the gods during Ragnarök.


In the 10th century, Thorvald Hjaltason considered that Östen Jorundsson could have been the product of such a union as he sought out reliable men for his war band.[5]

Behind the scenes

The jötnar appear to be styled after their blue-skinned depiction in the 2011 Marvel film Thor, despite there being no record of jötnar ever being described as blue.