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Jörmungandr, also known as the World Serpent or Midgard Serpent, is an Isu later remembered in Germanic and Norse mythology as a giant serpentine sea dragon who encircled the Earth by grasping its own tail with its mouth.


Born a bastard son of Loki and the jötunn giant Angrboða, Jörmungandr was the middle brother of both Fenrir, the legendary wolf prophesied to kill Odin during the final battle of Ragnarök, and the goddess Hel who ruled Helheim.[1]

According to Snorri Sturluson's poem Gylfaginning in the Prose Edda, violent seas would herald Ragnarök's start when Jörmungandr released its tail to thrash itself onto land. There, it would join Fenrir and the Muspels led by Surtr to fight the Æsir on the field Vígríðr. The snake was fated to fight Thor, and though Thor would kill it, he would only walk nine steps from the corpse before falling dead from Jörmungandr's highly potent venom.[2]


Jörmungandr was born in a cave beneath a waterfall just south of the Heart of the Wood in Jötunheimr,[3] an illegitimate child resulting from Loki's affair with his mistress Angrboða.[4]

Later, Thor threw Jörmungandr violently towards the shores of Jötunheimr, which caused many ships to sink. Many jötnar drowned as a result,[5] and a tree was deeply scarred by the serpent's sharp scales.[6]


As a result of the stories about Jörmungandr becoming intertwined in Norse culture, Vikings would often be tattooed with the serpent for strength in battle.[7]



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