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Ivaldi was a dwarf Isu Master blacksmith and Human sympathizer from the mountains of Svartálfaheimr, he lived and worked in Asgard to repay a life debt to Odin. He was mythologized in Norse legend and encountered by Eivor Varinsdottir when she relived Odin's memories before the Great Catastrophe.


Early Life

Ivaldi grew up in Svartálfaheimr sometime during the Isu Era, the dwarves unlike the rest of Isu Society traded resources and weapons instead of humans so Ivaldi grew a disdain for Human slavers. During his life he fathered many children, two being Iðunn and Alf.

Ivaldi at a later date was bound to repay a life debt to the Leader of the norse Isu Odin, he left his work to his children and moved to Asgard. And there he was forced to make any Piece of eden the Æsir wanted within his forge. He forged several pieces of eden throughout his life, the spear Gungnir being one of his most powerful.

Forging Gleipnir

After the Greco Roman Isu's attempted invasion of Asgard Ivaldi was disturbed by the Builder, A Greco Roman Isu in disguise. The Builder had entered Ivaldi's forge, trespassing on his property. He asked Ivaldi if he knew the secrets of how technology affected the Æsir and Vanir's minds but the Dwarf refused to answer. [1] Though at the same time Odin approached him as he needed help containing the Child of Loki, Fenrir; whom he feared would kill him as he had seen in the Calculations of the Great catastrophe.[2]

In return for a promise he agreed to make a device capable of what The All father wanted, Ivaldi asked Odin for certain resoruces and he swiftly aquired them. Ivaldi used the resources and started forging the Isu device Gleipnir, which would hold the young boy Fenrir until The Great catastrophe came. Ivaldi also informed Odin that one of his cousins had met with him, his sister's husband Borin had drank of a Mead made by the Greco Roman isu that transported his mind into another body. This intruged the Old Isu but the two men were disturbed by Odin's wife Freyja and Ivaldi refused to speak more not wanting to be dragged into their conflict.[1]

After Odin's skirmish off in Greco roman territory and sacrfice for the technology of rebirth he returned to Asgard, exiting Heimdall's Tower he found Ivaldi expectingly waiting for him outside having been informed of the All fathers Arrival through the Calculations. The device Gleipnir had been created and he handed it over to Odin, The dwarf asked about Odin's lost eye and Instructed him how to use the Device. As promised Odin gave the Dwarf his thanks sending him back to the Forge. [3]


In Norse mythology, Ivaldi's sons were said to be a group of dwarves that made several key pieces for the gods, including Freyr's magically unfolding ship Skíðblaðnir, Odin's magically multiplying ring Draupnir and returning spear Gungnir, and Sif's golden hair.[4]

Behind the scenes

Ivaldi is a mythical figure and character appearing in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, where he is portrayed by Carl Andersson.[5]

As Ivaldi is the only prominent Isu from Svartálfaheimr, it's unclear whether or not his shorter stature, which goes against traditional imagery of Isu towering over humans, is simply the way Eivor perceives him based on her own cultural expectations, a metaphor for the difference in Odin and Ivaldi's status, or is an example of an actual Isu with restricted growth.



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