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Ivaldi was a dwarf Isu and blacksmith living in Asgard.


In Norse mythology, Ivaldi's sons were said to be a group of dwarves that made several key pieces for the gods, including Freyr's magically unfolding ship Skíðblaðnir, Odin's magically multiplying ring Draupnir and returning spear Gungnir, and Sif's golden hair.[1]


Ivaldi was bound to serve the Æsir. He had his own forge and kept mostly to himself. He was eventually disturbed by the Builder, who trespassed on his property.[2] Havi approached him as he needed help containing the lost wolf Fenrir, whom he feared would kill him as foretold in Ragnarök.[3] In return for earning either Odin's gratitude or freedom from his servitude, Ivaldi made the cord Gleipnir, which would hold Fenrir until Ragnarök began.[2]



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