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Chapter 4 of the Italian Wars pack, part of Abstergo Industries' Project Legacy involving the Data Dump Scanner.

Memory Details[]

Subject: Perotto Calderon

Location: Rome, Italy

Time Period: 1498 CE

Introduction Video[]


Assassin's Creed Project Legacy - Chapter 4

Video Summary: "While we prepare to synchronize, please listen to the following questions. Be sure to report any difficulties you have answering. What is your name? Where do you live? What year is it?

"We have a unique window into the lives and secrets of the infamous Borgia family. The DDS has recovered the memories of one of their trusted couriers, Perotto Calderon. Your task is to find out exactly what he discovered."

All Roads Lead to Rome[]

PL Memory AllRoadsLeadToRome

Lucrezia Borgia lives in the San Sisto convent while her father, Pope Alexander VI, plots her next marriage. They believe me to be a mere courier, but my true loyalty lies with their sworn enemy.

All Ears[]

Requirements: 11 AP (per execution), 1 Courier Disguise.
Rewards: 30 XP, 204 florins.

The Borgia are cruel and boastful! Though it pains me to eavesdrop upon their sadistic schemes and remain silent, I know this information will ultimately benefit my Brothers.

All Ears

All Ears

  • Alexander's son, Cesare, presents his father with a list of executions while the two of them laugh! My stomach churns as I recognize a few of the names.
  • They discuss Lucrezia like she is simple property they can sell to gain more power.
  • I take some joy in hearing that they have lost ships to the Barbary Corsairs, but my heart sinks when I hear them proposing deals for the enemy captains.
  • So much treachery masked behind the untouchable image of the holy Church! Disgusting!
  • Girolamo Savonarola has been executed in Firenze! Alexander is upset by this news. It seems Savonarola had something they desired and now they have lost track of it!
  • It was a profitable day in the Borgia lair! I walk away with knowledge of several upcoming deals, deceptions and plans for my Order to disrupt!


Requirements: 14 AP (per execution), 1 Courier Disguise, 1 Courier Horse.
Rewards: 40 XP, 288 florins.

I spend a large portion of my time at the convent awaiting Lucrezia's replies for her father. I think she would prefer not to hear from him at all. She has sought refuge from his politics here, but I think we both know it will not last.

Masquerade projectlegacy


  • I hear her crying as she reads her father's message. In a way, I feel responsible.
  • I watch her face as she reads. She catches me staring and I quickly glance away.
  • I already read the letter's contents. News about her ex-husband. Plans to bring her back from the convent. Everything she would rather not think about.
  • Sometimes she bites her lower lip when she reads. I can't help but smile.
  • I have been tasked to open her letters as well, but I have stopped doing so. There will not be anything important for us in them.
  • I do not enjoy deceiving Lucrezia, but in order to maintain my place in her father's circle, I must play the role of messenger. I wish I could rescue her from her family, but it is not my place.

Scrambled Letters[]

Requirements: 8 AP (per execution), 1 Quill, 1 Ink (per execution), 1 Papal Seal (per execution).
Rewards: 20 XP, 160 florins.

With access to the seal and security of Alexander's letters, I spend much time browsing through his private correspondence. Often, my Brothers ask me to doctor letters with the Pope's own handwriting and I am happy to oblige.

Scrambled Letters

Scrambled Letters

  • I renegotiate one of Alexander's negotiations. There is no way the French will consider the new offer!
  • These compliments were hollow anyway. May as well be insults, I say! I make the changes.
  • I change a pardon to a condemnation. We were planning to assassinate this man anyway.
  • I would never pay that much for furniture! I doubt Alexander would either, but now he has agreed to it.
  • I write a letter from Alexander to his daughter. It is full of things a daughter needs to hear from her father. Things he would never say. I decide to burn it.
  • My efforts will sting Alexander and his son soon enough, but I will be long gone before they can trace them back to me!

The Lady's Favor[]

PL Memory TheLadysFavour

I am a fool! I have decided to follow my heart rather than my instructions, but I cannot sit idle while Lucrezia's family destroys her life! I do not believe mine can continue without her.

She Who Has Everything[]

Requirements: 9 AP (per execution), 1 Rare Gift (per execution).
Rewards: 24 XP, 150 florins.

Though I have seen the ornate gifts Lucrezia receives from her family's political allies, I feel that I must find something worthy of her beauty! I am a man of many resources, after all.

She Who Has Everything

She Who Has Everything

  • I manage to recover an expensive gift from one of my assignments. It only takes a little while to clean the blood from it.
  • Using my position in Alexander's employ, I am able to redirect some gifts intended for the Pope to Lucrezia instead.
  • A couple of threats is all it takes to procure a gift I would never be able to afford on my own.
  • My Brothers and I have many allies among the artisans. I am able to trade favors for some astonishing pieces!
  • Giulia helps me obtain a gift Lucrezia is sure to love. As expected, it has the most impact!
  • Whether she appreciates the gifts themselves or not, she certainly appreciates the effort I put into finding them. Our lives couldn't be more different, but we seem to be meeting halfway.

First Impressions[]

Requirements: 12 AP (per execution), 1 Noble Outfit, 1 Expensive Gift (per execution).
Rewards: 37 XP, 250 florins.

I have decided to make my move. I sense that Lucrezia has been waiting for me to do so, but if I am wrong... no, I must not think about that. I know I will continue to torture myself if I do not try.

First Impressions

First Impressions

  • I have a swift tongue, but it fails me this day! I try to explain my feelings and only end up confusing her. I hear her giggle through the door once I have left the room.
  • Lucrezia has been opening up to me, asking my opinions on her wardrobe, reading me her favorite poems, and asking me about my "adventures" as a messenger. I explain that visiting her has been my most exciting adventure yet.
  • She tells me about her first husband, Giovanni. It is not a subject that interests me, but I am overjoyed to hear about his impotence. She asks if I can empathize with him and I assure her I cannot. She blushes.
  • I take Lucrezia on a walk around the convent. At first, she keeps her distance. She knows what it means to be seen spending time with someone of my status. Towards the end of our walk, however, she moves in closer.
  • Lucrezia and I try to offend each other with our filthiest jokes. I am shocked to find that most of hers are religious, but I suppose it makes sense.
  • I have spent so much time with Lucrezia lately that I have been neglecting my work. I know the importance of my task, but each day I am finding it harder to care.


Requirements: 10 AP (per execution), 1 Acetum (per execution), 1 Fancy Gift (per execution), 2 Lettuces (per execution), 3 Carrots (per execution).
Rewards: 26 XP, 161 florins.

Over the past few months, I have befriended Lucrezia's chambermaid, Giulia. My Brothers chose me for my ability to deceive, but she easily sees through my facade. She pushes me to make my move.



  • Giulia tells me her lady speaks fondly of me when I am not around.
  • I have been invited to dinner. Giulia has cooked for me several of Lucrezia's favorite dishes and she quizzes me on them after we have eaten.
  • Giulia warns me that Lucrezia has become jealous of our time together. We both laugh.
  • The chambermaid amazes me with her knowledge about Roman politics and how they impact her lady. She has observed many things that even I have missed!
  • Giulia has given me a list of personal improvements to woo her lady. She fusses over my hairstyle, the buttons on my clothing, and the way I walk. She says I "slink like some shady murderer." Her keen eye is astounding! I am fortunate to have her on my side.
  • With Giulia's help, I have learned much about Lucrezia that my own observations could not reveal. The more I learn about her, the more attached I become. This is a dangerous game!

Tempting Fate[]

Requirements: 19 AP (per execution), 1 Noble Outfit, 4 Percherons, 1 Cart.
Rewards: 74 XP, 710 florins.

Tempting Fate

Tempting Fate

Finally, we are together! Neither of us believes it will last, that there is any way it could last, but for now it does not matter. We will try to hide from reality as long as we can.

  • We travel together, careful to maintain the illusion of a noble lady and her simple courier unless we are alone. The deception thrills us!
  • Though I am a trained killer, I am surprised by Lucrezia's willingness to spill blood. It is her first suggestion for any of our problems. I suppose it is only natural, considering her family.
  • I am so close to revealing the truth to her.
  • Hey, now! Abstergo should be charging you for this memory! - Erudito
  • Lucrezia believes our secret is safe. She has no idea who we are up against!
  • We will not relent! Though our love is doubly challenged by Lucrezia's family and my own Brotherhood, we will find a way to escape!


PL Memory Consequences

Lucrezia is pregnant! This is a complication we did not need! Meanwhile, our secrets have become much less secret; soon we will have both of our "families" to deal with. We struggle to stay afloat, but I fear we will soon be drowned.

Laying Low[]

Requirements: 13 AP (per execution), 1 Fancy Gift (per execution).
Rewards: 41 XP, 315 florins.

As Lucrezia's belly grows, so does our danger. Disgusting rumors spread, but it seems safer to allow them than to implicate myself. I just hope they do not weigh heavily on my lady.

PL LayingLow

Laying Low

  • Giulia and I try to keep Lucrezia inside the convent to hide her from prying eyes, but she is stubborn and often sneaks away. In many ways she is still a child. She does not understand the risks!
  • Lucrezia believes we will raise our child here, away from the rest of the world. Sometimes her enthusiasm nearly convinces me it could be possible!
  • Giulia asks me to talk reason to her lady, to convince her to find another mother for the child. She is right, of course, but I cannot! This child will be an unbreakable link between the two of us.
  • Even here among friends, Giulia drapes Lucrezia in flowing clothing to hide the truth.
  • It becomes difficult to maintain my deception amongst the Borgia while also taking care of Lucrezia. I am forced to leave her for weeks and each time I wonder if she will still be there when I return.
  • Our son has been born, but he barely lives. Giulia brought in one of her brothers ... a doctor, to help. He says our child is malformed and will likely die within days. Lucrezia is devastated. I fear this will kill her as well. I will find a way to save them both!


Requirements: 18 AP (per execution), 2 Longswords, 1 Matchlock Rifle, 2 Rounds (per execution).
Rewards: 70 XP, 468 florins.

Fear has become fact! We have received a threat and a demand for bought silence. This man believes me to be a simple messenger. He will find he has made a fatal mistake!



  • I have scouted this proposed meeting place. He is new to the game! He has chosen a darkened alleyway, away from spectators, and I already know every possible escape route!
  • Two of his friends arrive! Fortunately, I have brought two of my own. I unsheathe my blades and hurl one into each throat!
  • Realizing his mistake, he tries to run away! I easily climb over the building and ambush him on the opposite side!
  • He tries to reason with me, but his choice to act upon knowledge of my affairs has doomed him. He will not walk away!
  • He uses street-learned tactics to attempt to fend me off, dirt, rocks, even his own shoes. This is not a fight! This is murder.
  • As usual, I dispose of the body unseen and remove any trails I may have left behind. This threat has been silenced, but there will be more. I will have to investigate his acquaintances to see who else he has told.

The Understudy[]

Requirements: 11 AP (per execution), 1 Quill, 1 Ink (per execution), 1 Vellum (per execution).
Rewards: 32 XP, 280 florins.

In a way, I already have a child. His name is Francesco, one of the newest members of our Brotherhood. Though he is not yet a man, he is a promising understudy. He has been tasked with delivering my reports to our Order and his timing causes us serious concern.

  • The two of us spar and I note that he has vastly improved in the past year. At his young age, he is already a match for some of our Brothers!
  • Francesco is not himself today. He seems withdrawn. When I ask him why, he tells me he is feeling ill. Does he know something?
  • Lucrezia suggests poisoning my understudy. Damn her Borgia ways!
    The Understudy

    The Understudy

  • I teach tactics to Francesco, but he is taken aback by my brutality. He has a needless sense of honor and fair play. He will learn a hard lesson one day.
  • Francesco asks me about Lucrezia. It distresses me, but I do not show it. I give him an eventless report of her correspondence with Alexander and nothing more.
  • Francesco will return to the Order with my report. Will he deliver one of his own? I could never bring myself to harm him, so he leaves with my trust. There is nothing else I can do.

Fight and Flight[]

PL Memory FightAndFlight

At this point, I cannot hope for my Brothers to rescue me, nor will I ever see Lucrezia again! My son still lives, but for how long? Just when my options seem to have run out, I receive a visitor. Giulia?

Speed is the Key[]

Requirements: 6 AP (per execution), 5 Lock Picking Tools (per execution).
Rewards: 17 XP, 75 florins.

Giulia reveals a case full of Lucrezia's grooming tools, which include pins and files of various sizes. Clever! She knows more about me than I had believed! She apologizes for the lack of proper tools, but I assure her I can make them work.

Speed Is the Key

Speed is the Key

  • I have never tried to work a lock through bars! The angle is uncomfortable, but it seems to be working.
  • Giulia continues to babble in an attempt to control her nerves. I remind her that I need silence for this to work.
  • One of my pins breaks! Giulia quickly replaces it. We hear murmurs of guards talking above us.
  • It feels like I am making progress, but these tools are vastly inferior to the ones I normally carry!
  • My wound makes my work more difficult! It pains me to hold my arms upright for any length of time.
  • With a satisfying click, the door swings open! There is no time to admire my work, the escape has barely begun!


Requirements: 5 AP (per execution), 1 Lock Picking Tools, 1 Poisoned Dagger.
Rewards: 14 XP, 52 florins.

The man in the cell next to me eagerly watches Giulia and I. He begs us to free him as well. At first, we ignore his pleas, but as he raises his voice, he becomes a threat! I trick him into nearing the bars and grab him!



  • I try my best to gag him with a hand as he shouts, but I cannot completely silence him!
  • I try to plunge a file into his throat, but he shifts and I miss my mark!
  • I manage to get my arm around his neck!
  • I try to pull him into the bars with enough force to knock him out, but only succeed in winding him!
  • I did not expect an easy kill, but he is much stronger than he appears!
  • He is dead. I will likely never know who he was or why he was trapped here beside me, but he gave me no choice! Giulia tries not to vomit.


Requirements: 12 AP (per execution), 1 Courier Disguise, 1 Chainmail Armor.
Rewards: 40 XP, 161 florins.

Giulia's appearance was unexpected. I had nearly given up, but now I must find a way to ensure her safety, and beyond that, my son's. My Order has many secrets and I have uncovered one that, if true, may save his life. But at what price?



  • Giulia tells me her brother awaits me with my son outside. I will take the baby to Agnadello, where supposed miracles lie in wait.
  • I will need to steal a horse and ride hard to gain enough distance before the Borgia come looking!
  • I will need to kill one of the guards to arm myself!
  • I must not contact Lucrezia again. It is too dangerous for all of us. She will send the whole might of her family after me once she realizes I have taken our son!
  • Giulia must not be implicated! She will remain safely in the shadows as I fight our way out and anyone who sees her must die. She and her brother will return home and report the missing baby after they have given me a solid lead.
  • Our plan is set, however fantastic its details. I will succeed, for both my son and for Giulia!

Hidden Talents[]

Requirements: 17 AP (per execution), 1 Courier Disguise, 2 Longswords, 1 Chainmail Armor.
Rewards: 69 XP, 315 florins.

Giulia noticed several guards as she snuck into the dungeon, but they were relaxed and distracted — none of them saw her. To them, I am not a dangerous prisoner, but an ordinary messenger. Security will be light, but I do not expect to leave unchallenged!

Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents

  • Silently, I approach a guard and pounce! Before he even realizes I am there, I twist his head to the side and snap his neck. I pry his sword from his hand!
  • I signal Giulia to stop and I sneak up on a guard. My left hand goes to his mouth while my right plunges my sword deep into his midsection! He dies within seconds!
  • Somehow a guard managed to elude us! He spots Giulia and I react by splitting his face!
  • I silence Giulia as an oblivious guard passes us. His negligence has saved his life.
  • I toss a guard down the stairs and cringe as his armor rings against each step on the way down. He twitches and goes still. I doubt he is dead, but we will be gone before he realizes what happened.
  • We are free! Giulia reunites with her brother outside. He cradles my dying child and I vow to return for my son once I have scouted a way out of the city. Giulia's brother briefly tends to my wound and assures me that I am able to ride.

Mad Dash[]

Requirements: 22 AP (per execution), 2 Longswords, 1 Courier Horse.
Rewards: 99 XP, 468 florins.

My Order keeps an artifact in Agnadello, one with powers I cannot explain. If it can heal my child, I will travel any distance! I will need a horse, but I cannot return to the convent to retrieve my own. I pull a soldier from his saddle and challenge him for his mount!

PL MadDash

Mad Dash

  • I chose a dangerous victim; this man is skilled with a longsword!
  • I take note of the man's armor and exploit his weaknesses. A swift boot to his crotch drops his guard!
  • We lock blades and he pushes me to the ground! I barely dodge his next move by throwing dirt into his eyes!
  • We are starting to draw a crowd! I must end this soon!
  • He parries my attack and returns with a thrust to my chest! I spin, yet he manages to draw blood!
  • The soldier is my equal, but my desperate tactics best him! I take his horse and return for my son. Someday I will repay Guila's kindness, but first I must finish what I have started! I secure my child and set out for Agnadello!

Desperate Measures[]

PL Memory DesperateMeasures

This is... disturbing. I've been following the progress of the other Abstergo recruits. Why are you tuning in to a new episode while they're stuck watching reruns? Where's the usual censorship? You must be really close to solving their little problem. Surely they know I'm watching, too! Tread carefully... - Erudito

Tag Alongs[]

Requirements: 18 AP (per execution), 1 Assassin's Bow, 3 Smoke Bombs (per execution), 5 Arrows (per execution).
Rewards: 75 XP, 440 florins

I knew we were being chased, but I had hoped for more time! We have only made it as far as Firenze, but I will have to stop to plan an ambush. Alexander's men will be here soon! I leave my horse in an alcove and bring my son to hide in the forest, my bow ready.

Tag Alongs

Tag Alongs

  • The baby cries! I put an arrow through the back of one man's head before he can turn to face me!
  • One of the soldiers, probably their leader, has remained on his horse. I shoot an arrow into its flank! The beast hurls its rider from his saddle and tramples him!
  • They return fire! I hear the arrows rip through the foliage around me, but none manage to come close enough to worry me.
  • My arrow goes wide! I correct my aim and the follow-up hits!
  • At first I believe I have missed my mark, but my arrow has nearly buried itself in my target!
  • The rest of Alexander's hunting party turns tail! I have spooked them, but for how long? I am back on the road immediately, pushing my horse hard.


Requirements: 28 AP (per execution), 2 Hidden Blades, 2 Longswords, 1 Throwing Knife (per execution), 1 Blinding Powder (per execution).
Rewards: 150 XP, 860 florins

My Brothers have travelled from Agnadello to greet me, swords drawn! They know why I am here. They will not allow me to use the Shroud! None shall stand in my way!



  • Vincenzo, it seems only yesterday we trained together. I try to wound him, but he is not holding back! He exposes his side and I react! I will mourn him later.
  • Why do they face me one at a time? Together, they could easily take me!
  • One of our recruits sweeps low and I swing high! I have left him with a horrible scar, but he may survive.
  • I hear the soft click of a wrist blade and immediately thrust behind me. My sword connects with an assassin moving in for the kill!
  • A thrown knife digs into my shoulder. I shudder as I pull it out and hurl it back into its owner's right eye!
  • I leave my Brothers either dead or disabled and continue. There is no returning to the Order. No returning to Roma. Only Agnadello.


PL Memory Psychosomatic

My enemies will come in greater numbers if my Brothers do not reach me first. I give my life for my son's, gambling everything upon a legend. Where I am empty in faith, I am filled with desperate hope.


Requirements: 37 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 233 XP, 999 florins

So ... beautiful! It is a plain thing, carefully folded inside a simple wooden box, but it is also so much more! It speaks inside my head. I feel that it wants to heal my wounds. No! I am here for my son! I wrap his tiny body in the shroud.



  • FLAWED MATERIAL, it tells me. I tell it he is not flawed, but it insists. I order it to heal him!
  • I feel as though my head will burst! It takes all my concentration to keep from blacking out.
  • My son screams! I have to force myself to leave him in the cloth. What chance does he have without it?
  • I cradle my baby, wrapped in the Shroud. It is humming an eerie song and the voice in my head matches the tune!
  • YOUR PAIN IS TEMPORARY, IGNORE IT, it demands! Does it not understand that he is a mere infant?
  • I remove my son from the Shroud. He is no longer crying. He looks up at me with glossy eyes and I wonder if he has truly been healed. Has this been worth the pain I have caused? I return the shroud to its box and leave.

Life and Death[]

PL Memory LifeAndDeath

I have exhausted nearly every resource to lessen Perotto’s punishment for his crimes, but I fear there is little left I can do. We will hunt him tonight. Damn his foolishness... all this for a Borgia harlot?


Requirements: 25 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 64 XP, 333 florins.

I am torn! I own much to Perotto, who taught me how to act and speak like a man, though I am still younger than my Brothers. He taught me how to fight, how to live. How his betrayal stings! I feel I must defend him, but do I speak with a full heart?

PL Mercy


  • I beg my Brothers to show Perotto mercy, but they say he will show us none when we find him!
  • He has broken our tenets, they say! He has compromised the Brotherhood!
  • The deception runs deep! The child. Lucrezia. What has he leaked to the Borgia?
  • He has killed to keep his secret! He has given us false reports!
  • Every defense I present is easily outweighed by my teacher’s actions!
  • It is decided. Perotto will die.


Requirements: 28 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 128 XP, 555 florins.

We encounter a bloodied bunch of Alexander’s men, no doubt victims of Perotto. Sloppy work! He has left several alive and they continue to track him. If he leads them to Agnadello, we may lose the Shroud!

PL Reckless


  • I have never killed before! My Brothers try to direct the fight away from me, but I manage to stay in the thick of it!
  • I hamstring a soldier while he is preoccupied! He collapses to the ground and soon becomes prey to my Brothers!
  • I dance in and out of combat, careful not to get in the way, but assisting where I can!
  • I nearly take a blade to the face! One of my Brothers shoves me to the ground before it can connect!
  • I watch my Brothers kill with astounding precision and grace. One day I know I will match them!
  • We scout the area and verify that the Pope's men have all been killed. Agnadello should be safe, for now!


Requirements: 34 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 192 XP, 777 florins.

We have arrived at Agnadello, but we are too late! Perotto has left a brutal wake. We find bodies of our Brothers tucked indiscreetly into alleys and alcoves. How could he do this?



  • We search Rinaldo's home and find the Shroud safe in its box, but no sign of him. Did he survive?
  • We decide to split up; those of my Brothers with wounds stay behind, but the rest of us are tasked to question the citizens.
  • Perotto is not himself. He has left too many tracks.
  • All of this carnage for a child, born from a Borgia bitch, no less! I do not understand...
  • We have learned that Perotto was here recently. If he left Agnadello, he cannot have made it far.
  • Agnadello's citizens tell us Perotto and his child have made camp outside the city. My Brothers are eager, but I feel sick.


Requirements: 40 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 256 XP, 999 florins.

We approach Perotto's camp and find him ready. My Brothers are concerned about accidentally harming the baby, but I am more concerned about my teacher. Is there no way to save him? My question is answered as an arrow tears through my Brother beside me!



  • His skill with a bow is unmatched in our Order! We cannot approach him!
  • Pierced through his throat, one of my Brothers clings to me for help, but I can do nothing for him!
  • I carefully aim and fire at Perotto, but my shot only grazes him! He glances at me, his face gripped by sadness. He does not return fire.
  • Two of my Brothers rush the camp but Perotto slays one before he makes it half way. Perotto has no time to nock another arrow, so he throws a knife into the second man's belly.
  • We shout to Perotto! We try to reason with him. He only replies with arrows!
  • We find an opening and move! We surround Perotto, but he will take more of us with him when he dies.


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