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Chapter 3 of the Italian Wars pack, part of Abstergo Industries' Project Legacy involving the Data Dump Scanner.

Memory Details[]

Subject: Mario Auditore

Location: Monteriggioni, Italy

Time Period: 1454 CE

Introduction video[]


Assassin's Creed Project Legacy - Italian Wars, Chapter 3 - Mario Auditore

Video Summary: "We are now synchronizing the DDS. For your safety, please report any nosebleeds, vertigo, nausea, or hallucinations.

"Land-hungry Florence sought possession of the walled city of Monteriggioni, but it held strong for years under the guidance of the Auditore family. You will dissect the memories of Mario Auditore, who struggled to keep his city safe through the latter half of the 15th century."


PL Memory Resourceful

Monteriggioni has long stood against her attackers by tucking in and outlasting. The Fiorentini may strike at any time, but they will find us prepared!


Requirements: 5 AP (per execution), 3 Villagers, 1 Woodsman's Axe (per execution).
Rewards: 9 XP, 15 florins.
Chance Items: Charcoal, Olive, Oak Gall, Pine, Holm Oak, Cork, Hide.

Our carpenters rely on a steady supply of timber to keep the city in working order. Should we come under siege, we will count on the efficiency of the woodworkers to build quickly!



  • I lend my strength to the workers, hauling wood through the streets and piling it in the store yard.
  • I volunteer some of my soldiers to help haul the timber. It brings us closer to the people while strengthening my men.
  • I am no stranger to labor. I grab an axe and get to work!
  • The carpenters teach me several of their folk songs, passed down through generations. We laugh as I butcher every note!
  • As we work, I make suggestions about fortifying Monteriggioni. The carpenters are eager to expand on my ideas, but they do not hesitate to tell me when I am too ambitious.
  • We have stockpiled more than enough lumber to sustain us through an attack. Our artisans craft goods from the excess lumber and sell them to our allies.

The Public Gardens[]

Requirements: 4 AP (per execution), 3 Garden Tools, 3 Farmers, 1 Seeds (per execution).
Rewards: 7 XP, 15 florins.
Chance Items: Seeds, Olives, Wheat, Lettuce, Carrots, Grapes.

Though we tend to our fields and trade with our neighbors, we have found great benefit in growing our food within the town's walls. Even if we are surrounded, we will never starve.

The public gardens

The Public Gardens

  • I have never been much for plant-tending, but the gardeners seem to be pleased by their progress this year!
  • The farmers haul in compost from our horses and then mix it with the soil. I am not pleased by the smell, but they assure me it is necessary.
  • I watch the gardeners dig small ditches to direct and divert the rain flow. I consider how such a strategy might be used on the battlefield.
  • Today I get my hands dirty! I am planting bulbs alongside the lovely ladies who labor in these gardens.
  • The gardeners teach me how to use their tools and I learn fast! After all, I teach weapon techniques to my soldiers and these are not so different.
  • A bountiful harvest! We have a surplus of food, so we sell it to our neighboring communes.

Digging In[]

Requirements: 6 AP (per execution), 3 Miners, 1 Pick (per execution).
Rewards: 11 XP, 15 florins.
Chance Items: Iron, Copper, Silver, Zinc, Tin, Semi-Precious Stones, Gold, Precious stones.

We import a lot of our ore from the region, but we also rely on a humble mine outside of Monteriggioni's walls. It is dangerous work, but we all understand its importance.

Digging in

Digging In

  • My men tell me it is too dangerous to enter the mine. I shoot them a stern look and they back down!
  • Once you have reached the lowest depths of that mine, you cannot help but think of potential disasters!
  • The air is thin and the heat is nearly unbearable, yet these miners do not falter.
  • My men employ old, dangerous equipment. I promise to replace it.
  • The mine has been here longer than I have. I wonder what secrets my ancestors have buried here. Perhaps I will look for them another time. Today, I am here to work!
  • Better tools and focused workers have yielded more ore than we expected. No doubt there is profit to be made from our good fortune!

People Skills[]

PL Memory PeopleSkills

Monteriggioni is nothing without her people, her skilled artisans and guardsmen, her thinkers and doers. I make an effort to visit them when I can, to help with their work and get to know their skills as well as their troubles.

Working Girls[]

Requirements: 5 AP (per execution), 1 Olive (per execution), 2 Grapes (per execution).
Rewards: 9 XP, 75 florins.
Chance Items: Courtesan.

Monteriggioni's courtesans are often underestimated. In truth, they have impressive influence over the region's politics. Though it may stain my reputation to spend time with them, I find these women have much to teach me.

Working Girls

Working Girls

  • We discuss philosophy and I find myself unable to contend! Though I certainly have knowledge that I cannot share, I suspect she does as well.
  • The courtesans ask if my soldiers can protect them. I soon realize they are not concerned about the Fiorentini, but instead with the people within Monteriggioni! I ask them for a list of names.
  • I must be cautious around these women. Though they are valuable allies, they will try to sweet talk their way into power!
  • I have learned to pick through their gossip for important details: the morale of my soldiers, schemes and betrayals, and even insight into other cities when the courtesans travel.
  • We argue about astronomy. The theories she has heard are ridiculous and I tell her so! She is not happy with me, but she will get over it.
  • I leave the courtesans, unable to hide the enormous grin on my face. The townspeople will gossip. Let them. I know they are overlooking one of our strongest assets.

Arms Race[]

Requirements: 7 AP (per execution), 4 Blacksmiths, 1 Hide (per execution), 1 Charcoal (per execution), 3 Irons (per execution).
Rewards: 13 XP, 105 florins.
Chance Items: Leather Armor, Chainmail Armor, Shield, Plate Armor.

If we are to continue our defiance against the Fiorentini, we must keep our weapons and armor in prime condition. I will not have my men dying because I cut corners.

Arms race

Arms Race

  • I watch as a smith follows imported plans to strengthen our armor. He succeeds! I am eager to try it out on the field!
  • I notice a few of my soldiers wearing damaged armor. I personally deliver them to the forge for repairs.
  • I take a turn at the anvil. The smith admires my strength, but he says I lack finesse. I tell him the same has been said about my time on the battlefield!
  • We study the pikes that are bringing so much success to the Swiss and work to improve our own.
  • The smiths provide me with a large supply of equipment to bring back to my Villa. They know I will put it to good use in training new soldiers.
  • Monteriggioni's blacksmiths have delivered once again! I am confident my soldiers will march with the best equipment I can provide them.


Requirements: 4 AP (per execution), 1 Chalk (per execution), 1 Verdigris (per execution), 1 Sandarach (per execution).
Rewards: 7 XP, 60 florins.
Chance Items: Artist.

Though our town is small, we know that we live in a time of artistic rebirth. Our painters travel abroad to study with the masters, hoping to bring fame for Monteriggioni.



  • I visit a fresco painter hard at work on a church ceiling. Like many, his subject is the Crucifixion. I can feel his faith in every brush stroke.
  • A painter asks if I would like to commission a portrait. I tell him there are much more attractive subjects within Monteriggioni's walls.
  • Though our sculptors are vastly outnumbered by our painters, they manage to bring in an impressive profit for their work.
  • I take advantage of my brother's connections in Firenze to import fine art. I have created a small gallery in the Villa. Monteriggioni's artists are always welcome to study them.
  • I invest money to improve the town's beauty. Though Monteriggioni is no stranger to war, we must do what we can to make it feel like home.
  • I leave the artists to their trade, content that they will bring visitors to our town as well as fame. As their skill and renown increases, so does our connection to other cities.

Men Of War[]

Requirements: 8 AP (per execution), 2 Daggers, 2 Pikes, 2 Longswords, 2 War Hammers.
Rewards: 15 XP, 120 florins.
Chance Items: Monteriggioni Mercenary.

Though I try to involve myself with every aspect of the city, there is one I know best. Combat. I pride myself in my ability to take a man who has never seen a battle and prepare him for the worst imaginable!

Men of war

Men of War

  • This one believes himself a swordsman, despite his lack of formal training. I disarm him and he quickly surrenders. I tell him we do not surrender! If we lose a sword, we take another from the enemy's hands.
  • I am impressed by my student's skills. He has served with another army. It will take a while to break him of his habits, but he has a good head start on the others.
  • I find it important to keep things jovial as we train. The students must feel like they are part of our army, not simply employed by it.
  • Today we train with exotic weapons. I doubt we will employ any of them for actual combat, but it is a welcomed change of pace for my men.
  • I hope to instill a sense of kinship in my mercenaries. I cannot risk losing them to an army with better pay.
  • A new group of soldiers is ready to defend Monteriggioni. I have taught them to fight as a family, to fight for our family. Let our enemies come, I tell them, so that we may prove ourselves in battle. They cheer!

Problem Solvers[]

Requirements: 12 AP (per execution), 1 Assassin's Guild.
Rewards: 23 XP, 600 florins.
Chance Items: Assassin, Elite Assassin.

Abstergo's not going to be happy I'm showing you this, which is exactly why I'm doing so. Why are they focusing on Monteriggioni again? I suspect it's because our pal Mario had connections to one of the artifacts. They want you to stumble onto something without making any sense of it! Good thing I'll be watching too! -Erudito

Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers

  • My Brothers arrive without a sound. We have much to discuss!
  • My Brothers have brought news of Templar movements. What are they planning?
  • News from Rome. It is there, but protected. We must act!
  • Tonight I slip out of the city with my Brothers. Tonight I hunt.
  • We have drawn up a list of targets. Each death will have a critical effect on Italy's balance of power.
  • Security Warning: Please refrain from revisiting this memory. It has been corrupted by outside intrusions and has been rendered invalid.

Defensive Measures[]

PL Memory DefensiveMeasures

There is much we can do to keep Monteriggioni prepared for an attack. We will rely on careful observations to craft a battle plan and make sure everyone moves according to it.

Animal Husbandry[]

Requirements: 8 AP (per execution), 1 Monteriggioni Mercenary, 1 Monteriggioni Riding Horse, 3 Carrots (per execution).
Rewards: 16 XP, 200 florins.

Any worthwhile mercenary will know the value of a reliable, trained horse. Riding an animal that startles on the battlefield or loses speed quickly is a risk we will not take.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

  • The stable keeper gives me a short tour. He presents the different breeds - some bred stocky for labor, some wiry for travel, and of course, the unflinching steeds we will ride into combat.
  • Today I am happy to help feed the animals. After all, some of them will die alongside us; others will actually be key to keeping us alive.
  • It worries me that our stables are outside the ramparts. Should we ever need to retreat and tuck inside, we will be handing over our livestock to the enemy. Still, it cannot be avoided, the animals must graze.
  • My own horse has served me well, but she is beginning to feel her age; she no longer moves as she once did. I have begun to scout for her replacement.
  • Today, several of my men join me at the stables. We will allow horse and rider get used to each other before they are called to war.
  • My visits to the stables always seem to clear my mind. Monteriggioni continues to produce the finest steeds in the region.

Running The Ramparts[]

Requirements: 5 AP (per execution), 1 Monteriggioni Mercenary.
Rewards: 10 XP, 150 florins.

I train my mercenaries to patrol the extent of the ramparts. I teach them what to look for on the horizon, where to position themselves in an attack, and how to aim from such heights.

Running The Ramparts

Running The Ramparts

  • There are a total of fourteen towers along the ramparts. I have assigned three men to each to allow more frequent fire upon the enemy.
  • I run my men around the walls. They will need to be ready to move quickly to weakened areas of the ramparts, should the enemy reach them.
  • Our architects explain that lowering the towers might actually help our defenses because we can purchase more powerful weaponry. A huge undertaking, but something I will consider in the future.
  • I train my men to watch inside the ramparts as well. Guards have a better view of the people below and can respond quickly to any problems.
  • We stop at each tower, checking to make sure all supplies are present and the weapons are in working order.
  • I am confident that, should our front lines fall, our tower defenses will be devastating to any siege force.

The Shadow Game[]

Requirements: 15 AP (per execution), 3 Thieves, 7 Courtesans, 4 Artists, 1 Courier Pigeon (per execution).
Rewards: 30 XP, 350 florins.

Information is our most valuable currency. We employ several spies who spend more time outside Monteriggioni than at home. They are swindlers and silver-tongues, politicians and gamblers.

The Shadow Game

The Shadow Game

  • We send one of our best courtesans to Roma, where she will attempt to attach herself to influential nobles and report back to us.
  • I have sent a pair of artists, a brother and sister, to Forlì. We hope that they will encounter and befriend other artists who have travelled more and have picked up useful information.
  • I have sent a spy to Firenze. My brother would likely disapprove, but I do not plan to tell him.
  • I suspect someone within our own community shares information with the enemy! I unleash one of my agents to flush him out.
  • A report sent by courier pigeon claims the Fiorentini are planning another attack! We must hasten our preparations!
  • Our spies have left home. The goal is to intercept delicate information about enemy movement, but the priority is always the safe return of our agents.


Requirements: 7 AP (per execution), 2 Monteriggioni Riding Horses, 4 Monteriggioni Mercenaries, 2 Lettuces (per execution), 3 Carrots (per execution), 8 Wheat (per execution).
Rewards: 14 XP, 240 florins.

Several small villages and single buildings dot the countryside beyond Monteriggioni's walls. They provide us with some strategic advantage, but at great personal risk. It is important to make sure we have plans to protect them, should war come our way.



  • I visit a small farm dwelling where a family of four tends to several nearby fields. A good share of our food comes from this family's determination. I stress that they are welcome within our walls when the enemy advances.
  • The friar who runs a nearby church refuses to leave, even in the face of an enemy army. I cannot convince him that he puts himself at great risk!
  • Several of the farm dwellings have agreed to keep watch for any signs of trouble. I pay them well for their cooperation.
  • I post mercenaries along the countryside roads, not only to watch for trouble, but to demonstrate our commitment to our neighbors.
  • Many of the young men from these villages sign up to fight for Monteriggioni. I answer their questions and encourage them to practice their skills.
  • Satisfied that our allies are under our protection, I return to Monteriggioni. I cannot decide if they are foolish or brave to live outside of our walls, but it is their choice to make.

Cleaning House[]

PL Memory CleaningHouse

Disorder grips Monteriggioni. Theft and violence run rampant. Angry mobs gather in the streets to mete out their own justice. This is not natural for our humble community; I suspect we are dealing with a skilled manipulator.

Cooling Tempers[]

Requirements: 4 AP (per execution), 4 Monteriggioni Mercenaries, 2 Longswords.
Rewards: 8 XP, 80 florins.

Amidst the chaos, families gather into crowds. They hurl insults as well as furniture! These are good people, but something has set them off!

Cooling Tempers

Cooling Tempers

  • I am able to draw some attention from the crowd. I do my best to calm them.
  • "The boy stole my necklace!" a woman screams. "I did no such thing," he replies, "but you tried to burn down our home!" I step between them with my arms extended!
  • I send my soldiers into the conflict to separate the families!
  • I have a very loud voice when I lose my patience. I easily silence both families for a moment and urge them to see reason!
  • Neither side has any proof of wrongdoing. I suggest that someone may be taking advantage of an old family feud!
  • I manage to diffuse the argument! Reluctantly, the families return home to sulk, but I cannot be sure they will remain peaceful.

If You Can't Beat Us...[]

Requirements: 7 AP (per execution), 6 Monteriggioni Mercenaries, 3 Longswords.
Reward: 15 XP, 175 florins.
Chance Items: Thug, Thief.

Today, we caught several thieves operating within our city. My men had violent plans to punish them, but I intervened. Perhaps we can make better use of these bandits!

If You Can't Beat Us...

If You Can't Beat Us...

  • This thief was given specific instructions on what to steal and where to place it, but he has never met his employer.
  • A thief warns me that there are many people within our walls working to destabilize Monteriggioni, but he does not have names.
  • One of the captives squirms loose, but I stop him with the tip of my blade! He soon agrees to hear me out!
  • These thieves are young and reckless, but time on the streets seems to have honed their talents. We will work hard to correct their attitudes!
  • These young men are not from Monteriggioni. They were paid anonymously to come here.
  • We have gained skilled allies today. I trust them about as far as I can spit, which is why I plan to eventually unleash them upon another city. For now, though, they may prove useful.

Casting the Net[]

Requirements: 10 AP (per execution), 10 Monteriggioni Mercenaries, 5 Longswords.
Rewards: 21 XP, 300 florins.

I will send every available agent into the city to find this agitator! I worry that we are seeing clouds before a storm, that an attack from within precedes a siege.

Casting The Net

Casting the Net

  • A fortunate detail! The agitator is still here...
  • We offer coin in exchange for information and several witnesses sell us their stories. It becomes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction!
  • We hear several names mentioned, but one shows up more than the rest.
  • The agitator may try to flee. He will soon realize Monteriggioni's walls are equally effective at keeping people inside the town.
  • We are almost upon our prey. The hunt is exhilarating!
  • Luciano Pezzati. Just a name for now, but we know he is hiding in Monteriggioni. We will find him!


Requirements: 15 AP (per execution), 1 Monteriggioni Mercenary (per execution).
Rewards: 32 XP, 525 florins.

We close in on Luciano Pezzati and his men rush out to block us! They are hired mercenaries, not thugs. This will not be easy!



  • The enemy focuses their attacks, often assaulting my soldiers in threes. Some of my best men fall early, but the rest adapt quickly to the strategy!
  • I feint and my opponent takes the bait. In one swing, I open his throat and spin to meet a new opponent approaching from behind!
  • An arrow brushes past my face and I feel the fletching against my ear. I point towards the archer and my men overtake him!
  • A pikeman keeps me at a distance. It is a cumbersome weapon, but he is exceptionally skilled. I grab the end of the weapon and hold onto it while my men run him down!
  • One of Luciano's men tries to run, but my soldiers were raised in these streets. They easily intercept him!
  • Several bodies are sprawled across the street, both my enemy's men and my own. We have drawn a crowd! Luciano is vulnerable now, I must deal with him!


Requirements: 16 AP (per execution), 1 Parrying Dagger, 1 Chainmail Armor.
Rewards: 44 XP, 800 florins.

Luciano has barricaded himself in the inn. We hammer down the door and find him waiting, dagger in hand. I need him alive! I gesture my soldiers to stay back and unsheathe a dagger of my own!



  • We are both skilled with our blades. We thrust and parry, rarely drawing any blood!
  • We circle the inn's wooden tables. Luciano kicks a chair at me and I narrowly dodge it!
  • He taunts me! He tells that my town will soon belong to the Fiorentini!
  • I change my strategy and wait for Luciano to attack me. As he leans in, I slice his fingers. Not deep enough! I must try to disarm him!
  • He dives towards me before I can react and tumbles away with a bloodied blade! He cut me good, but not nearly as deep as he had hoped. It will not slow me down!
  • I evade a strong swing from Luciano and plunge my dagger into his shoulder! His arm spasms and his blade clatters to the floor, but he flashes another blade with his left arm! I throw all my weight into my swing and hammer the hilt of my dagger into his temple. My men drag his unconscious body back to the Villa Auditore. We will have answers!

Storm Warning[]

PL Memory StormWarning

Our captive has confirmed that the Fiorentini are moving an army towards Monteriggioni! Worse still, they are led by Federico da Montefeltro, one of Italia's fiercest condottieri. He will find us no strangers to sieges! I must move swiftly to prepare my forces!


Requirements: 14 AP (per execution), 1 Archers, 1 Swordsmen, 1 Heavy Cavalry, 1 Pikemen.
Rewards: 36 XP, 600 florins.

While much of our strategy will shift as the enemy advances, I must divide my forces into formations. Each unit will support another. We work as one!



  • I send more soldiers up into the ramparts, where they will fight to keep enemy ladders away and defend our archers, should anyone manage to push through!
  • I match my pikemen with my crossbowmen to intercept charges by the enemy. It is a difficult combination for any knight to breach.
  • I place my longbowmen in the towers. While a crossbow is a blessing for an untrained army, skill with a longbow will always outperform it.
  • I assign my cavalry to flank the enemy, should they get too close to the walls. Those in heavy armor will ride closely together and trample Montefeltro's infantry!
  • Light cavalry will support the heavy cavalry. The enemy will try to pick away at us in smaller skirmishes where they see a speed advantage.
  • Our defenses are ready for whatever the Fiorentini may send our way. This town was built for battle! They will break upon Monteriggioni's walls!

Suiting Up[]

Requirements: 8 AP (per execution), 5 Monteriggioni Mercenaries, 5 Chainmail Armors, 6 Blacksmiths.
Rewards: 18 XP, 250 florins.

I command my soldiers to retrieve their equipment and meet me on the battlefield! We still have much to do before the Fiorentini arrive and I will not be caught unprepared!

Suiting Up

Suiting Up

  • Each of us moves to assigned armor stations where assistants help us don our armor. I prefer to fight unencumbered, but some of my soldiers wear many pieces.
  • The blacksmiths prepare our weapons outside the front gate.
  • Dressed in our colors, our horses carry us onto the field.
  • Each of my soldiers has been trained to use a wide variety of weaponry, but I encourage each to bring his personal favorites into combat.
  • I look to the ramparts and confirm that the archers are setting up in their towers.
  • With great pride, I gaze across the front line of the army I have worked so hard to train and supply. I have made the effort to befriend each of these men and I trust them to prevent Monteriggioni from falling into enemy hands!


Requirements: 10 AP (per execution), 1 Light Cavalry.
Rewards: 23 XP, 300 florins.

Montefeltro sends a small band of light horsemen to scout. We will attempt to cut them off, hopefully weakening both our enemy's preparedness and morale! As expected, it's not long before we encounter the party!



  • The Fiorentini push hard to outrun us but we keep pace!
  • Their horses are no match for ours, we soon overtake several of them and slay the riders!
  • My archers focus and pick off the Fiorentini scouts with frightening accuracy!
  • We scour the countryside in planned patrols, flushing out more scouts!
  • We split into small groups and attempt to surround the enemy!
  • Our enemy will be waiting for a report that will never come. This buys us more time to prepare. I must hurry back to Monteriggioni!

Big Talker[]

Requirements: 5 AP (per execution), 2 Light Cavalries, 1 Monteriggioni War Horse, 1 Round of Drinks (per execution).
Rewards: 11 XP, 120 florins.

I must demonstrate confidence in my men. They expect me to speak before the battle, and I will! I ready my steed, take a drink, and then arc towards my army, sword held high!

Big Talker

Big Talker

  • I speak of family, linked not by blood, but by trust! Every man here can rely on the one next to him. We have no weak links!
  • I remind them that Monteriggioni has held for her people for well over 200 years! We will not be the ones to let her fall!
  • I hoist our flag high and run it across our front line. I am met by cheers!
  • I suggest that we could lay down our weapons and beg Montefeltro for mercy! I am met with boos and hisses, followed by laughter!
  • I tell my men to save their mercy for another day! Today we will remind the Fiorentini that death is the only thing they'll find in Monteriggioni!
  • One of my commanders tells me I have given one of the finest speeches of my career! I cannot argue with him. The Fiorentini will likely hear the roar of my forces before they even see them!

Weathering The Storm[]

PL Memory WeatheringTheStorm

The enemy's front line stares down Monteriggioni! They have surrounded us. They spit their usual lies to demoralize us. They threaten to burn our fields. They seek surrender, but they will receive the opposite!

Raining Pain[]

Requirements: 10 AP (per execution), 3 Archers, 20 Arrows (per execution).
Rewards: 23 XP, 200 florins.

I order my archers to fire! Most are skilled marksmen, and they will pick off targets of opportunity, but they start by barraging the Fiorentini from afar!

Raining Pain

Raining Pain

  • The vanguard archers loose their arrows! The Fiorentini do the same! Both sides lose a large number of men.
  • As the enemy advances, several of my marksmen begin to pick targets! There is an art to quickly identifying the best soldiers and killing them. It removes the deadlier threats, but also hits enemy morale.
  • My vanguard humbles the Fiorentini! For every misfired enemy arrow, my men have landed twice as many hits!
  • We lose one of our towers to crossbowmen! Montefeltro spots the opening and sends forward two ladders. I order my archers in the neighboring towers to support it and they slaughter the invaders halfway up the wall!
  • Fiorentini cavalry targets my vanguard! I order their retreat and signal my tower archers to fire! The enemy breaks off their charge!
  • The fields beyond Monteriggioni now blossom with arrows! The enemy lines took heavy damage; the bodies of knights and their steeds create hurdles for those still charging!

Gale Winds[]

Requirements: 9 AP (per execution), 3 Light Cavalries, 2 Heavy Cavalries.
Rewards: 21 XP, 175 florins.

My heavy cavalry awaits orders in the center formation, while the light cavalry forms up the rearguard. They are my most mobile force in this battle, and I will soon show Montefeltro how deadly they can be!

Gale Winds

Gale Winds

  • I unleash my heavy cavalry! They form a straight line and devastate a unit of Fiorentini swordsmen!
  • My horsemen strike, but are driven back by a solid formation of pikemen! I order my vanguard archers to pepper the field behind the retreating cavalry!
  • An ugly infantry skirmish punches a hole through my defenses! I send in my light horsemen to fill it in!
  • My archers have routed an enemy squad! I cannot allow them to escape. I signal my light cavalry to tear them down!
  • My cavalry squads strike relentlessly! Sting, retreat! Sting, retreat! I watch for weakness and gesture, inflicting massive damage with each new opportunity!
  • Training and tactics will win this day! My horsemen are the finest I have yet commanded and today they have proven lethal!


Requirements: 8 AP (per execution), 8 Crossbows, 2 Pikemen, 3 Swordsmen, 5 Crossbow Bolts (per execution).
Rewards: 19 XP, 161 florins.

The infantry in my central formation know they are the backbone of our army. I signal them to intercept incoming charges!



  • Our archers come under attack and I send my pikemen to form a solid square around them. The enemy fails to breach it!
  • Three lines of my infantry fend off a cavalry charge! The horsemen who survive impalement are torn from their mounts! There are three times as many infantry, all trained to melee! The horsemen stand no chance!
  • The enemy breaks apart a pike formation, only to find my finest swordsman ready and waiting behind it!
  • Some of my infantry, armed with crossbows, fire a devastating wave of bolts before moving to flank the enemy forces!
  • My men do not disappoint! They wield years of weapons training and they are proud to demonstrate!
  • My infantry takes the most casualties. They stand between family and tyranny, each man a brick in the town's second wall! Without them, Monteriggioni would be lost!


Requirements: 13 AP (per execution), 2 Light Cavalries, 1 Monteriggioni War Horse, 1 Fire Pot (per execution).
Rewards: 35 XP, 300 florins.

Montefeltro's men have assembled a pair of trebuchets! We must destroy them quickly or they will demolish Monteriggioni's walls! We must not allow a breach!



  • The trebuchets unleash their massive stones! One of them overshoots, but the other strikes the wall with a deafening crash!
  • I order the stoneworkers inside Monteriggioni to strengthen the damaged wall! With the trebuchet's accuracy, the wall will be struck again! Fortunately for us, we have time to act while it is reloaded.
  • I lead the cavalry charge! We carry torches and oil flasks. Enemy archers try to slow us with arrows, but we are too swift!
  • I hurl oil onto one of the trebuchets and then toss my torch onto its base!
  • We ride down one of trebuchet crews! My horseman surround me and fend off any defenders as I deal with the machine!
  • Two pyres send smoke high into the sky where the trebuchets once stood. I only wish our enemies could see the results of their ambition all way back to Firenze! Word will reach them soon enough. Montefeltro must be furious!

Under Our Noses[]

PL Memory UnderOurNoses

Luziano Pezatti confessed the truth behind Montefeltro's siege. He was not here for Monteriggioni; he sought what lies beneath her. Something my ancestors hid. We will find it.


Requierements: 22 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 44 XP, 250 florins.

We must find what the Fiorentini were seeking, be it a relic, treasure, or junk. I have called in my architects and historians. Together, we will solve this mystery!

PL Blueprints


  • We study the Auditore journals and uncover many cryptic messages and vague references. We cannot make sense of them.
  • I walk the architect through Monteriggioni's building layout and we discuss the possible hiding places beneath each one.
  • I know there are secrets beneath the villa that my assistants will not find in any record book. However, I do not believe anything I have found would be so interesting to our enemy.
  • Surely the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta is a wise place to search. After all, churches have long kept some of mankind's darkest secrets. We spend an afternoon searching, but come away with nothing.
  • The Auditore have a crypt in Monteriggioni, filled with secrets. My brother, Giovanni explored it thoroughly when he was younger, and though his findings were... shocking, he found no artifact.
  • The well! Searching Auditore family records, we fund that one of my ancestors had the old well drained and then further excavated. A senseless act... unless he was hiding something.

Lost and Found[]

Requirements: 25 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 48 XP, 440 florins.

I bring my soldiers with me, as well as a miner, and we descend into the old well. We will spend the day down here if we must - I am sure we are on the right track!

PL Lost and Found

Lost and Found

  • Most of the water has been drained from this well. I search the earthen floor for any markings or switches. My men must think me mad!
  • Some wooden structures remain from the excavation. I climb them to investigate the higher reaches of the chamber, but I find no clues.
  • I silence my men and stand completely still. For several minutes we simply listen. Nothing!
  • I push on the rock walls, focusing on extrusions or loose stones. Nothing moves.
  • I find no traces of anything mechanical, and no ropes. Perhaps this was just a simple well...
  • It was foolish to think we would find anything but rock down here. We are done for tod- wait! The miner's flame! It dances as he approaches the back wall. There is a chamber hidden here! We put all of our strength into pushing the wall and it slides.

Warm Welcome[]

Requirements: 28 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 64 XP, 710 florins.

We enter a narrow hallway. There are carvings on the walls and panels on the floor. The miner, mouth agape, steps forward and is shredded by razor wire. We pull him back, but he is already dead!

PL Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome

  • I sweep my sword before me as I slowly progress through the corridor. I encounter more razor wire and hack through it.
  • A false floor tile! I stumble, but one of my guards catches my shoulder. I hold my torch near the floor but I see no bottom to the pit!
  • Some of my men turn back. I do not blame them.
  • We begin to anticipate the traps and disarm many of them before they can trigger.
  • I narrowly dodge a triggered arrow and it pierces the chest of the man behind me!
  • We have found it! Not some ornate treasure, but a simple wooden box. I advance and realize my misstep; a pendulum swoops from the ceiling! I try to dodge, but it splits my face, taking my left eye! I spit curses at the architect of this infernal chamber!

Chasing Miracles[]

Requirements: 34 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 75 XP, 860 florins.

A voice booms in my skull! "YOUR PAIN IS TEMPORARY. IGNORE IT." My men believe the box's contents will heal their wounds, but I tell them we must not open it! They draw their blades and attack me!

PL Chasing Miracles

Chasing Miracles

  • I remind my men that I am a better swordsman, but they attack as one!
  • I hold them back with the flat of my blade and the toes of my boot! They will not listen to reason!
  • The artifact has not been hoarded like some prized treasure, but hidden away to be forgotten! Who knows what it might unleash?
  • I am forced to strike down two of my men before they can gain an advantage!
  • One man pushes past me and tries to open the lid. I stab him through his back!
  • What a cruel treasure this is, hidden away in the dark. After what we have suffered, after slaying men I called my friends, I must look inside! I must know! But I will not.


Requirements: 75 AP (per execution).
Rewards: 99 XP, 1000 florins.

I want this thing out of Monteriggioni, whatever it may be! My brother will know what to do with it. As I carry the box out of the chamber, it continues to speak to me. I will not submit!

PL Willpower


  • "REMAIN STILL", it demands! I move faster.
  • "CLEAR YOUR MIND". I am not sure I will ever be able to clear my mind again after this day.
  • "YOU WILL BE HEALED", it promises. My wound has already stopped bleeding. What is this thing?
  • It attempts to stun me by screaming in my head! It nearly succeeds!
  • The voice does not seem hostile, despite its urgency. Perhaps it does only wish to heal, but I will not take a chance!
  • It is done. I have hidden the damnable thing in the Villa. Soon, Giovanni will arrive to move it away from here. It becomes the Brotherhood's problem, now.


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