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It's Complicated was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra came across a man who tried to contact his loved one.


While wandering around the wilderness of Messara, Kassandra noticed a makeshift camp ahead.

Sneaking closer, she overheard them.

  • Fanatic #1: You ate the last piece?
  • Fanatic #2: There's some leg left over there. Maybe an ear?
  • Fanatic #1: I killed the man, I should get first pick.
  • Fanatic #2: Shut up and eat! It'll go bad. The rest of him's starting to smell.

Kassandra killed the Followers, and noticed a trail of blood leading towards the gulch. She followed it to the edge of the cliff, and noticed a corpse below.

  • Kassandra: He must've fallen off this cliff running away from the cannibals. Not a good way to go.

She dropped down by the corpse, and found a note beside him.

  • Dead Man's Letter:
    Meet me at the house on the road to Little Egypt. Be careful, guards are looking for you. Don't worry, your wife is safe.
  • Kassandra: Who was he going to meet? I should find out.

Kassandra made her way to the house stated on the note. With Ikaros' help, Kassandra found a man with guards outside the hut.

  • Kassandra: I need to talk to him.

Approaching the man, she helped him deal with the guards.

  • Kassandra: What was that all about?
  • Smuggler: The military suspects me of smuggling deserters from the warfront.

Kassandra stared at the man in disbelief.

  • Smuggler: Okay, fine. They knew I was doing it.
  • Kassandra: Mm-hmm.
  • Smuggler: Argh, malákes guards. They hit like bricks.
    Did you see a man on your way here? Skinny sort of idiot, wearing army colors?

  • Kassandra: I found a body near a cliff in the gulch. He had a note on him.

Kassandra took out the note and handed it over to the man.

  • Smuggler: No, no, no! He can't be dead! We had the perfect plan to get him home to his wife.
    I promised her I wouldn't let him end up like the other deserters...

  • Kassandra: Can't say I have.
  • Smuggler: Curses! I promised his wife I'd take him back to her in Kydonia.
  • Kassandra: Are you sure he ran away from the army, or from her?
  • Smuggler: The army. He's a dead man walking now.

  • Kassandra: You must be close to him to risk your life to help.
    Or was he paying you a lot.
  • Smuggler: I-I did it for the girl.
  • Kassandra: Girl? What girl? His wife?
    There's always a girl, isn't there?
  • Smuggler: Look, he got drafted into the war
    She wouldn't stop crying.
    And my specialty is making people disappear—
    In a... different way than you do.
    So, I decided to help them get back together.

  • Kassandra: It's rare to find a man with a good heart these days.
  • Smuggler: We've all got people we want to look out for.
    Need to look out for.
  • Kassandra: Yes, we do.

  • Kassandra: You just want her for yourself.
  • Smuggler: That's not it! I
    mean, I have thought about it, but—
    Look, I just—
    I just... want to see her smile, all right?
  • Kassandra: I'm sure you do.

  • Smuggler: We need to get to Isabel—I mean, the wife. If the guards came after me, she'll be in danger, too. Please go to her! I'll catch up when I can to take her to safety.
  • Kassandra: I'll make sure she's safe. Where will I find her?
  • Smuggler: Follow the road to Kydonia! Her house will be on the left—look for the green cloth on the doorpost. Quickly! I'll catch up as soon as I can.
  • Kassandra: Chaire.

Kassandra made her way to the woman's home on the road to Kydonia. As she approached, she found a number of guards.

  • Greek Soldier 1: She put up a real fight back there.
  • Greek Soldier 2: We weren't suppose to kill her, you idiots. Now we'll have to explain ourselves to the captain.
  • Greek Soldier 3: She refused to spill the beans on her deserter of a husband. She got what she deserved.

Kassandra approached the guards, who drew their weapons.

  • Greek Soldier 2: Who in the gods' names are you?!

Kassandra eliminated the guards and entered the hut, finding Isabel's body.

  • Kassandra: It looks like she put up a good fight... but not good enough.

While she investigated the body, the man arrived and approached her.

  • Smuggler: I saw the guards dead outside. Good job, misthios

He noticed the woman's body.

  • Kassandra: They got to her before me. There was nothing I could do but avenge her.
  • Smuggler: She trusted me, misthios! All I wanted was to make her smile. But every time I tried... All I brought her was pain.
    ...It's all I ever do.
    I shouldn't have told her about my stupid plan to reunite her with her husband.
    I did this to her, didn't I?

  • Kassandra: No, you didn't. Nobody wanted things to end like this—least of all you.
  • Civilian: Everything seemed okay when she smiled, you know? I didn't care who she was smiling at.
  • Kassandra: You did your best.
  • Civilian: No one's "best" is ever enough.
  • Kassandra: No. No it's not.

  • Kassandra: Yes, this is your fault. If you hadn't made promises you couldn't keep, she would still be alive.
  • Smuggler: But she was heartbroken, misthios! What would you have had me do? Just sit idly by, and watch her waste away?
  • Kassandra: I would have had you do nothing. She might've been sad, but at least she'd be alive.
  • Smuggler: I just didn't - didn't want to see her sad.
  • Kassandra: Now you can see her dead instead.

  • Smuggler: Take this.

The man took out some drachmae and a dagger, and gave them to Kassandra.

  • Smuggler: I was going to give it to her when I helped them escape Kydonia. To get them through tough times.
    They won't need it anymore, and it's too heavy for me to bear. Take it as payment for your troubles. And leave me, please.


Kassandra attempted to help the smuggler keep a woman safe, although they were too late.


  • Isabel's house is empty without this quest.
  • It's possible that the 'captain' the Greek soldiers refer to is Captain Diokles.


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