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An Isu Codex

Isu codices were excerpts of information found in Aletheia's simulation of Atlantis. These codices were scattered across the city and could be found on certain walls, providing information about the city's inhabitants, personal logs, amongst others.


The Father of Atlantis

The Father of Atlantis, I of II
Location: Repository of Iris
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 44.91

The burden of judgment has always been a heavy one, but I find the weight getting harder to bear with each passing cycle.

I have outlawed experimentation on humans for its innate cruelty, and it is the first of my laws that will carry through every coming cycle. I see now that lust for power corrupts the pursuit of genetic engineering in Atlantis. Either the Isu wield technology to control the humans or the humans end up trying use technology to surpass the Isu - as foolish as that is.

In both cases, the results are catastrophic. Thankfully, I know Atlas safely confiscated every DNA manipulator.

The Father of Atlantis, II of II
Location: Repository of Iris
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 10.92

I will enforce the ban on human experimentation in every coming cycle. But I fear I cannot do this on my own. I need to search for one to lighten the weight of judgment from my shoulders.

Of course, I want to find one of my sons worthy. But wanting it does not make it so. Perhaps Atlas could bear this responsibility in time, but this role must be filled long before he is ready.

The Failed Experiment

The Failed Experiment, I of IV
Location: Doma of Elasippos
Assistant to Aita
Cycle 16.11

I'm writing down all that transpired lest it be forgotten. I've given the full report to Aita. Looking back, I may carry some of the blame, but it only came to pass because of him.

Not long ago, Aita showed me an underground area I never knew existed. As he opened the hidden entrance, what first struck me was the stench. It spewed from the enclosure, and even in the fresh air it overwhelmed me. As we descended and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw one larger room and eight smaller ones - all completely enclosed and separate. Aita showed me that within each was a human. Four male. Four female.

They had spent their entire lives here. He explained that the only way to perform his tests was to have specimens who know nothing of the outside world. They would ultimately and suddenly be shown all they never knew existed. I respected the foresight required for such an experiment, but I now see how flawed it was.

The Failed Experiment, II of IV
Location: Archive of Hephaistos
Assistant to Aita
Cycle 16.11

Aita introduced me to one specimen he deemed ready to be shown the outside world. His name was Otus. Though he stood taller than me, his mind was that of a child's. As we opened his door, he backed away from us like a frightened animal. Whether it was out of fear or uncertainty, I wasn't sure at the time. I now know it was out of fear, and it was justified.

Aita asked me to purchase adamant from a merchant and to take Otus, who would both observe and be observed.

As we stepped outside, Aita departed and I began my study of the main in front of me. If he was overwhelmed, he showed no trace of it. Perhaps he simply couldn't understand all he was seeing. I asked him questions, but got no response. At the time, I wasn't sure if he understood language at all. Aita had told me very little about him, and I came to wonder if I was being tested all well.

No matter the questions I had about Otus, I gained all the answers before long, including one I never asked for, and one I wish I had never received.

The Failed Experiment, III of IV
Location: Archive of Hephaistos
Assistant to Aita
Cycle 16.11

I heard Otus's voice for the first time on the way to the adamant merchant. It was quiet and unsure, and I wondered how often he'd used it. By the time we reached the market, he seemed almost at ease.

Unfortunately, his lack of interaction with others became abundantly clear when he insulted the merchant to his face. Having never been dealt a consequence, it was a lesson the merchant taught him quickly. Before I knew it, Otus was bleeding profusely from his nose, but thankfull the merchant stopped after the first punch.

Otus was curious about why he was attacked, and after my explanation, he told me this was not the first time he had been hit. Apparently, Aita would let him and the seven other experiments out into the large open room. Otus often ended up bruised and bloodied from those moments of freedom.

He expressed his interest in understanding violence and its uses, so I decided to take him to the Arena. This mistake would nearly cost me my life.

The Failed Experiment, IV of IV
Location: Archive of Hephaistos
Assistant to Aita
Cycle 16.11

As Otus and I left the Arena, he was no longer Aita's quiet specimen. He had changed, and almost too quickly.

He was energized by what he saw and plagued me with questions about violence. He wanted to know when it was appropriate, why it was necessary, and what he had done to make the others hit him. I did my best to answer, but he jumped from question to question, hardly giving me enough time to respond.

He said again and again how strong he wanted to feel, so that none would ever hurt him again. That he knew now what he had to do.

I led him back to the underground entrance, but he began to protest, shouting "No!" what must have been one hundred times.

I awoke long after the sun had gone down, sore and bloodied at the bottom of the stairs. In the main room was a scene I won't soon forget. Seven twisted and mangled bodies were strewn across the floor, most of them hardly recognizable though the beatings their faces took. Streaks of blood led from every room to the middle of the floor. Otus had dragged each experiment out from their cage, one by one, after he'd killed them. Then he fled, of course, and I assume he only left me because he thought I died like the rest of them.

Aita was furious when I told him what Otus had done, but he can only blame himself. Aita will never see his own faults. In fact, he'll simply start from the beginning and try again.


I.A.O.P. Cycle 44.160
Location: Insight of Blessings
Report from the Embassies of Atlantis

Cycle 44.160: After presenting the Solar Dynamics Observatory's predictions on plasma release at the summit of the three Sister Realms, Hermes, Persephone's High Scientist and Engineer, stormed off. Tension between the Sister Realms is high, but of all Persephone's retinue, surely Hermes would listen to reason. Our delegation was left appealing to Hades himself. The mad king seemed almost pleased at the thought of annihilation.

So we're left with one king lusting for carnage, a queen who accepts no truth but her own, and the Trident King, who locks himself away in his tower. It would seem solar instability is the least of our worries.

I.A.O.P. Cycle 52.031
Location: Insight of War
Report from the Genetic Splicing Facility

- Cycle 52.031: Test subjects fail to metabolize genetic modifiers through nutrients.
- Cycle 52.154: Test subjects lost. Rehabilitation and replacement to proceed.
- Cycle 53.115: Test subjects responding well to certain DNA combinations.
- Cycle 53.201: Test subjects hostile. Security systems compromised. One subject missing.

- Cycle 54.010: Genetic Splicing Facility terminated on orders of Dikastes Basileus. All records to be destroyed.

I.A.O.P. Cycle 40.238
Location: Insight of the Titan
Report from the Solar Dynamics Observatory of Atlantis

- Cycle 40.238: Unusual electromagnetic activity detected on the sun's photosphere.
- Cycle 41.267: Sudden appearance of small, dark spots scattered across the sun's surface.
- Cycle 42.149: Sunspots have increased in size, and are gravitating toward each other.
- Cycle 43.331: Sunspot trajectory projections indicate imminent cluster formations.

- Cycle 44.160: Proximity of magnetically charged sunspots will result in coronal loops, reconnection event and plasma release to occur within the next 300-500 cycles.

Personal logs

Diaprepes’ Musings
Location: Atlantis Latomia
Diaprepes, personal log

"The bio-augmentations of Hades, Persephone, and Poseidon proved unstable, but when coupled with control devices implanted in their crowns, they gained the power to not just control thought, but the actions of others."

Musings on Mneseas
Location: Basilike Garrison
Isu General, personal log

"Our garrisons would prove insufficient. Humans grow bolder. Then, an insidious plan formed in Mneseas's mind: Weaponize the humans against themselves. Surely he wasn't cunning enough to come up with such a plan."

Melitta's Musings
Location: Garden of Triton
Melitta, personal log

"More than respite, these gardens would become the grounds from which they'd cultivate a new world - one in which every element would fall under their control.

Only too late would they discover their hubris."

Azaes’ Musings
Location: Doma of Azaes
Azaes, personal log

"Every cycle worse than the last. The city is changing. Beautiful. Shining. But crumbling at its core. The people grow sick. The plants die. What are we missing?

And worst of all: What's next?"

Mestor's Musings
Location: Fortified Doma of Mestor
Mestor, personal log

"Reports among the merchant vessels have come in from our two Sister Realms.

It is grim. Persephone and Hades have both ceased contact.

It won't be long before the laws of my xenophobic father force Atlantis into utter irrelevance. Someone must do something."

Autochthonos’ Musings
Location: Fortified Doma of Autochthonos
Autochthonos, personal log

"What I know of Project Olympos is this: They need food. Lots of it. I'm happy to reap their share and provide them whatever they need, for I know, in their work, they will cast a light across the cycles to come. But food is growing scarce. Who, or what, could eat this much?"

Neokles’ Musings
Location: Garden of Benthesikyme
Neokles, personal log

"In its original form, here was meant to be a sanctuary for wolves. But they, like so many things, struck fear in the hearts of humans, and so Poseidon cast them from the city."

Musings on the Arena
Location:Arena south of Tower of Judgment
Arena Champion, personal log

"My body is broken. Tonight shall be my last fight. As the fighters in the Arena overrun me, as they tear my flesh from bone... what they will not know is that I do this for them.

Gadiros will leave his Arena sated, as will the legions of humans cheering for blood. I give my life for them. One life for the safety of many. Goodbye, Atlantis..."

Poseidon's logs

Elasippos: Archon of Affairs
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods south of Basilike Garrison
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.249

It is not unknown to me that Elasippos sympathizes more with Aita and Juno since I sent them back to Feyan and forbade them from entering Atlantis. Time will tell if my allowing this will be a mistake.

Ampheres: Archon of Defense
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods north of Basilike Garrison
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.245

Ampheres, my boldest son, is the noble defender of Atlantis. In him I trust the Atlantean military to ensure peace and safety of all citizens. The Sister Realms have faced many dangers throughout our rich history, but Ampheres has met them all. Though I must admit to hearing reports of my son growing callous, and perhaps extreme in his methods.

But I won't hear it. I've seen his compassion. Ever the noble soldier, he has vowed to never to let another soul suffer the same losses he has.

Evaimon: Archon of the Hunt
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods north of the Palace of Poseidon
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.250

I've heard tales that a terrible wolf-like creature is terrorizing our city. I should like my son Evaimon to find and slay this beast, and present me its head for the good of all.

Azaes: Archon of Welfare
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods northwest of the Palace of Poseidon
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.246

Atlantis has not always been the tranquil paradise it is today. Our Sister Realms have endured dark cycles - human unrest, environmental desecration, hostility from Eden - and my citizens live in comfort and peace thanks to Azaes. My youngest son displayed compassion and love for humanity from his first breath. Growing into a trusted Archon, Azaes introduced policies to improve the lives of humans through science - which seem quite radical to my old mind.

This cycle has seen improvement in both productivity and human happiness. I could not be more proud of him.

Atlas: Heir to the Trident Throne
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods west of the Palace of Poseidon, northern of the two
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.243

Of my ten sons, only Atlas appears to have perfected the art of compromise. He is not just a master of politics, but in warfare and culture.

Being the future leader of Atlantis requires a broad range of skills, and Atlas has learned from his siblings and their specialities. He trained with his war-loving brother Ampheres, studied the arts with Gadiros, and even spent time learning the work of Consus with the contemptuous Juno as a boy.

Mestor: Archon of Ports
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods west of the Palace of Poseidon, southern of the two
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.248

There is no city like ours on this great planet. Her many ports need a watchful eye, lest they be breached by cities who don't believe in our egalitarian approach. My son Mestor shall be that eye.

Diaprepes: Archon of Invention
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods southwest of the Palace of Poseidon
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.251

Persephone, Hades and I quite literally owe the crowns upon our heads to my most inventive son, Diaprepes. With them, he says we may control the thoughts and movements of not just humans, but Isu themselves. Though I hope we never need to.

Mneseas: The Lost Archon
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods south of the Palace of Poseidon
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.247

It has broken my old heart that my son Mneseas has such contempt for me. Still, I leave the doors to my palace open to him, should he ever choose to return.

Gadiros: Archon of Culture
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods southeast of the Palace of Poseidon
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.244

Gadiros, master of the arts, is my most beloved son. Tirelessly filling imaginations with a continuous stream of entertainment, his cultural knowledge and experience grants him an uncanny level of perception of Atlantis. In our darkest days, Gadiros reassures us, distracts us, and raises us above the harshness of this reality.

His events have created a common ground between Isu and humans in the mutual enjoyment of his work - though I wonder if the humans can fully grasp his talent. Without the influence of Gadiros, our city could not shine as brightly.

Autochthonos: Archon of Agriculture
Location: Tower in Poseidon's Woods east of the Palace of Poseidon, southern of the two
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 18.252

Working with a strange little man named Neokles, young Autochthonos has sworn to use the fertile lands of Atlantis to feed not only my citizens, but the citizens of other Isu cities. My son is a dreamer and may have his head in the dirt. Time will tell.

Aita: The Great Mind
Location: Horus Repository
Dikastes Basileus Poseidon
Cycle 16.111

Before I banned him from Atlantis, Aita was one of the greatest minds of the Illuminat caste, second only perhaps to his brilliant partner, Juno. Aita was a force for good in numerous schools of scientific development, including biological research, planetary exploration, and energy efficiency. Beginning his journey by helping to develop the Wings of Hermes, Aita ensured the security gateways made life safer for all.

As he worked under the school of Consus, Aita was pivotal in developing new and advanced medical technology still used today. However, due to his refusal to stop human experimentation, Aita was banished back to Feyan.

To my knowledge, his genius has produced no new revelation since, though if directed properly, his great mind will continue to innovate - for better or for worse.

Encrypted messages from Phanes

Encrypted message from "Phanes", I of IV
Location: Archive of Hebe

If you are reading this, It means we were discovered and I have been dead for several years. But, if you are reading this, you should know we succeeded in creating a miracle. And that miracle, my precious one, is you.

You must have many questions. I wish I could answer them. Unfortunately, by abandoning Project Anthropos, I lost access to our technology - specifically the blueprints of the lost work done by the scientist Consus. I knowingly gave up any chance of consciousness preservation, and it was the best decision I've ever made. Your existence is evidence of this.


Encrypted message from "Phanes", II of IV
Location: Archive of Hebe

I'll do my best to explain how and why you exist, but I must be brief. They can trace my brain signatures. Concentrating for extended periods of time alerts them to my location.

My name is irrelevant, but you can call me Phanes. I was the first scientist to successfully create a human being. The other Isu have already wiped my name from the records. Our aim was to create a species in our own image. They were to be resilient, self-aware, and ultimately, subservient. I had succeeded on all fronts except subservience.

The Isu authority in Eden, the city from which I come, threatened to terminate the project and destroy the lives we created. I could not let this happen.

Footsteps approach. I must hide.


Encrypted message from "Phanes", III of IV
Location: Horus Repository

I should be safe for a few moments.

Yes, humans weren't obeying Isu and the project was under threat of termination. Fortunately at this time, new technologies were in development incorporating the incredible properties of a metal known as adamant. I implanted neural controls which we could then manipulate with our new adamant-powered devices.

I very quickly became the most highly-regarded scientist in all of Eden.

But this came to an end when I fell in love with a human woman. She was brilliant, beautiful... So I did the unthinkable. I surgically removed her neural control and we escaped.


Encrypted message from "Phanes", IV of IV
Location: Horus Repository

We were driven from Eden, hoping to find refuge in Atlantis.

Despite having to constantly look over our shoulders, I never felt more alive than during my time with my love. Especially when we discovered she was pregnant. I never in my wildest calculations imagined this to be possible. She had a little girl growing inside her, and she was to be named Eve.

We both knew the offspring of human and Isu parents would immediately be confiscated and experimented on. Our situation became even more dangerous. You were to be protected at all costs. Of all the humans I helped create, you, Eve, were the most exquisite. The most precious. To look into your eyes is to find... They've located me, I must -



Letter from Diaprepes
Location: Doma of Diaprepes

I have fashioned the devices as crowns so that each ruler of the three Sister Realms could use them to control others. Persephone, Hades, and father would be unstoppable!

Musings on Ampheres
Location: Doma of Ampheres
Historian of Nobility
Cycle 9.333

"Ampheres was the fire, certainly, but then his daughter was his hearth. So long as she stood at his side, this Doma would be a place of warmth, and even love."

Consus’ Shroud of Eden
Location: The Consus Archive
Historian of Technology
Cycle 9.338

While Hephaistos was a master of forging instruments of war, his apprentice, Consus, proved himself equally capable of creating instruments of life. It was during the War of Unification where the scientist met bloodshed with innovation.

In the face of an ever-rising death toll, he worked obsessively to create a device which could restore bodies devastated by war to their previously-healthy state. He eventually succeeded in creating a prototype, and as he approached the end of his natural life, he uploaded his consciousness into the new device.

Unable to communicate with the outside world, however, he and the prototype disappeared into obscurity for centuries. Many failed attempts were made by fellow Isu scientists to replicate Consus’ invention.

During the previous cycle, rumors surfaced about the discovery of Consus’ original prototype, but evidence of this discovery has yet to be revealed.

A Tale of Brothers
Location: The Consus Archive
Cycle 18.192. Archivist's note: This is my personal account of the familial relationships connected to the Dikastes Basileus. For the official statement, reference Codex statement 905.107.

For those who exist past this cycle's destruction, take these words as a warning.

My official document will read that Hades, brother to Poseidon, is a mastermind of leadership. On the contrary. His immaturity should bar him from any realm above his underworld. Matters unique to the Isu don't concern him, for in his realm, the quality of blood his subordinates have are inconsequential. The word "progress" means as much to him as the dirt on his sandal. Other than a love of games of chance, Poseidon and Hades are opposites.

However, they do share common ground on one subject: Zeus. Their other brother, golden child atop Mount Olympos, has been a taboo topic for more cycles than have been recorded. If the brothers had it their way, their brood would have stopped at two. One myth tells of a time Zeus came to Atlantis personally to reprimand his brother. As soon as he left, Poseidon destroyed the cycle just to get his stench out of the air. That is truly bad blood.

Musings on Gadiros
Location: Doma of Gadiros
Isu General

"In the opulence of this Doma, our dear Archon, Gadiros, learned a new way to skin a human, so to speak: The weak do not need fear to be obedient. Awe alone would do. And who better than Gadiros to deliver?"

Duty of the Dikastes
Location: Palace of Poseidon
Poseidon, the Trident King, has decreed these rules be followed without discretion throughout Atlantis.

I. Rulings made by the Dikastes must be followed.
II. The Dikastes will act as impartial judge, and has authority over all expect the Dikastes Bisileus.
III. Isu experimentation is prohibited on all humans, and the Dikastes will see to its adherence.
IV. Matters of Isu and human] concern must be considered without bias.

V: All judgments made by the Dikastes will directly influence the cycle's success.

Musings on Evaimon
Location: Doma of Evaimon
Historian of Nobility
Cycle 9.334

"Mounted upon Evaimon's wall was the head of a beast in mid-howl. He called it a wolf, though I'd seen nothing like it. A new creation, perhaps?"

Barriers erected in Atlantis
Location: Garden of Kymopoleia

All experiment chambers are barred from human access. Security gateways have been erected, ensuring only Isu can pass through their doors.

Persephone on the Great Dikastes
Location: The Tinia Archive

Another day in paradise. No blade of grass out of place. No flower petal off shade. Not a single cloud in sight. Most importantly, not a trace of my "husband". I could almost forget I'm trapped. I've gilded each bar of my cage and filled it with only the most worthy of souls. Except... that one. Is it an intruder? Not in Elysium.

You don't belong here.

Hades on the Great Dikastes
Location: The Tinia Archive

Ros... can't be dead. That dog was the last thing my queen and I truly shared. Oh, Ros. You were most loyal to her but... I loved you, too. How dare the Keeper value human life over yours?

But I have no time to mourn. It's time to face your killer. And I'll be hanged if she sees me cry.

Mneseas’ Musings
Location: Fortified Doma of Mneseas

"Poseidon's hubris has cursed us, as have the cycles of this city. There are those who would bring true greatness to the Isu, and they are at the gates."

Isu Foreman's Musings
Location: Adamant Metallon

"The humans did the strangest thing when we placed the Metallon's mining machines with them. They began to sing. Sing! It has made harvesting ore almost pleasant."

Project Olympos. Clearance Required.
Location: Rebel farm southeast of the Fortified Doma of Autochthonos
Project Olympos Results 54.304
I. Human will proving difficult.
II. Current genetic combinations unstable.

III. Access Restricted. Project Olympos identification required to continue.

Musings on Juno's Expulsion
Location: Repository of Iris
Historian of Nobility
Cycle 9.332

"Only once the human threat was truly feared did Juno speak out against them. But behind the veil of her speech, hatred hid.

Mistrust of humans grew, and out of fear, Poseidon forbade Juno, her husband, and their few Isu followers from entering his shining city.

Though exile would not be enough, as they went from the Sister Realms back to Feyan, and to Saturn's open arms."

Atlas Sleeps Alone Tonight
Location: Doma of Atlas
Atlas’ Herald
Cycle 10.146

Atlas is a figure almost as respected as the king. It is in his halls that our grand city hosts travelers from afar.

Atlas is the master diplomat, juggling the needs of his father, his many brothers, and their many agendas. Should a dispute erupt between them, Atlas is the one who breaks the stalemate and reaches an amicable conclusion for all.

So how, then, has he managed to live his life alone? Is there no bride good enough to stand by his side?