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An Isu Commander

Isu Commanders were members of the Atlantean Guard appointed to positions of authority within the simulation of Atlantis.


Specially chosen Isu who had been promoted upon showing leadership qualities, these guards were given command over a regiment consisting of Wardens, Myrmidons, and Vanguards.[1]

Open combat with commanders was extremely difficult for a number of reasons. With their Isu-crafted weaponry and armor, commanders were physically formidable opponents, able to withstand and deal much damage, and despite wielding a melee weapon, they were capable of ranged attacks, possessing the ability to shoot directed energy beams like Kolossi. Lastly, as a garrison leader, they could rely on their patrol unit to deal with enemies or call on extra reinforcements nearby, overwhelming opponents through sheer force of numbers.[1]

As befit their rank, commanders had access to higher-quality gear and attire. In contrast to their subordinates, who utilized daggers, swords, or a heavy weapon, commanders wielded a halberd, the long shaft allowing them to strike from afar while still grievously slashing enemies with its glowing blade. While foot-soldiers wore regular breastplates when on patrol, commanders wore a set of near-unbreakable adamant-plated Isu Armor, consisting of a hood-wrapped helmet, a pair of bracers, a breastplate, a waistband, and boots, accented with long robes.[1]


During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra encountered several of these commanders during her travels in the simulation.[1]




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