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ACO Istellah


Istellah was a young Egyptian girl living in the rebel camp of Remetch Ra during the 1st century BCE.


Istellah was one of the children living in Remetch Ra camp around 48 BCE. She was receiving lessons from Nawa, as well as training with Khamet, who blieved her to be a strong little warrior and protector. Nawa's Cousin, Sebni, was telling Istellah and her friend Hetanu stories about about Alexander the Great and his temple. Children believed there is treasure to be found and managed to get inside the place. However they were soon trapped by snakes coming from the water. Istellah did not want to leave her friend, but Henetu urged her to get help. The girl used Alexander's Shield found in the temple for protection, as the staff was too heavy for them, and left the area unharmed, heading towards the rebel camp at Theos Elpis Rift.[1]

However the camp was attacked by Ptolemaic soldiers led by Medon, who took the girl when she refused to hand over the shield. Medon wanted to know if there is more treasure to be found, and imprisoned Istellah in Pissa Oros Citadel.[1]

ACO Plight of the Rebels 4

Bayek driving Istellah out of Pissa Oros Citadel.

At the same time, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa passed through the rebel camp, and heard about missing children who went treasure hunting. He also learned that Sebni and Khamet had headed after the children, but were caught. Bayek freed both men and travelled to Alexander's temple where he rescued Hetanu who told him Istellah went for help. Bayek reacher the camp in the middle of Ptolemaic attack and helped the rebels, learning about Istellah's fate.[1]

Bayek hunted down Medon, and found Istellah hiding in a hay cart in the citadel. Following her directions, he led her out to a small rebel campsite.[1]

At the campsite, they talked, with Bayek admiring Istellah's spirit and skills, and telling her to find him when she was older, to fight together.[1]



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