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Issa (died 48 BCE) was a farmer who lived in Siwa, Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy XIII. The wife of Teremun, the organizer of a protest against onerous taxes in 48 BCE, she contacted Hepzefa for help that year when her husband was arrested. Eventually, Hepzefa's friend, the Medjay Bayek, took it upon himself to investigate. Nevertheless, Issa and her children perished when the soldiers of Ptolemy set their cottage on fire in retaliation for Teremun's protest.


At some point prior to 48 BCE, Issa married the farmer Teremun with whom she bore a son and a daughter, one of whom was older than the other by several years. They settled in the remote village of Siwa in western Egypt where they led a simple life.[1]

When the boy pharaoh Ptolemy XIII came to power, Teremun's family was heavily burdened by the increased taxation, and as a result, in 48 BCE, Teremun rallied other aggrieved farmers to protest what they deemed to be a grave injustice. Not long afterwards, the protestors, including Teremun, were arrested. Fearful for her husband's life, Issa sent a message to Hepzefa, a close friend of the Medjay Bayek, beseeching him for help in saving Teremun.[1]

While Bayek responded to the call, in the midst of his rescue efforts soldiers dispatched by the local authorities arrived at Issa's house. Seeing their approach, Issa and her children hid in their cellar, only for the soldiers to set the entire cottage ablaze. With no means of escape, Issa and her children perished in the inferno. Thanks to the local embalmer, they were buried together with Teremun, whose body had been recovered by Bayek after he liberated the surviving protestors.[1]



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