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"Honor our blood long after we're gone..."
―An Isu voice after Eivor grabs the Apple, 887 CE.[src]-[m]

Isle of Skye's Apple of Eden was one of several Apples of Eden, leftover pieces of technology created by the ancient Isu.



During the Viking expansion in late 9th century CE, the Apple activated itself[3] once the Spartan mercenary Kassandra landed on the shores of the Isle of Skye in her search to find ancient artifacts.[4] Upon Kassandra's arrival, the Artifact had activated causing the population of the island to be ravaged by horrible nightmares and some to go mad from its control.[3]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir came to the Isle of Skye to find the cause of the nightmares, at the behest of Valka and Edyt,[5] and met Kassandra along her investigation. Both agreed to help the other, in search of the "artifact".[6]

Despite some revelations and secrets, both Kassandra and Eivor found the artifact's location to be the Cave of Gold,[3] as Eivor collected shards needed for the cave's pedestal.[7]

Dealing with puzzles and ambushes within the cave itself, Eivor and Kassandra found themselves surrounded by the artifact's illusions of Kassandra's past. Upon first sight, Eivor took notice of the Apple, while Kassandra was emotionally distraught from the one of the illusions. As the Apple pulsated, Eivor grabbed the Apple, only for it to be too powerful for her to handle, nearly transforming her into an unknown beast. Eivor soon called for Kassandra, who came running to her aid and held it to contain its power, creating a ghostly yellow phantom near them. Through a combination of Kassandra's strong Isu heritage and Eivor's heritage from the Isu Odin, the two were able to disarm and deactivate the Apple. In her hands, Eivor shrugged off from nearly dying and gave the Apple to Kassandra to keep.[8]


This Apple of Eden appears to have standard abilities of an Apple of Eden, such as conjuring tangible illusion and mind control. While activated, the Apple was able to induce insanity and cause mental illnesses as well as inflict most of the inhabitants in the region with nightmares. The Apple's corruptive influence created mentally ill and erratic individuals, which ranged from raving homicidal lunatics to crazed insomniacs, all of whom were killing each other.[9] This artifact in particular has capabilities similar to the ones of the Atlantis Artifacts, as it tries to transform Eivor into an unknown beast right after she grabs it. However, its presence and the dialogue suggest it is an Apple of Eden.

The Apple is somehow capable of being semi-sentient. It somehow "felt" threatened when it detected Kassandra's presence. Its powers utilized her past to create the specific physical illusions and nightmares in most of the residents of the island, in order to prevent her from seizing it and, eventually, destroying it.[6][3][8]

Behind the scenes

Although this artifact is confirmed to be certainly an Apple of Eden, the fact that it also possesses several functions from the Atlantis Artifacts is inconsistent. During IGN's "Live @ Gamescom 2018" interview, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's game director Scott Philips mentioned that players would be able to recognize several classic Assassin's Creed elements, such as the Apples of Eden, once they defeat the mythical creatures.[10] Yet, the Assassin's Creed: The Essential Guide (2nd edition) explains that these objects only looks like Apples of Eden, but they are a totally different set of Isu artifacts.[11] Thus, the fact that this has been retconned or not remains unanswered.




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