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The Isle of Skye is a large island off the Scottish mainland. It primarily was inhabited by the Picts before the Vikings expanded their rule and began settling the place.[1]


Early history

The island has long been inhabited since Prehistoric times.[2] Prior to the Great Catastrophe, the Isu built a vault containing an Apple of Eden on the island, which was left untouched for thousands of years.[3]

Medieval period

Pictish tribes came to settled on the island during the early Medieval period which, at this time, was considered a place of passage for many travellers.[1] Beginning in the 9th century, the Norse came to settle on the island as well and established settlements along the coastlines. In the late 9th century, the famed misthios Kassandra visited the island during her quest to hunt down Pieces of Eden similar to the ones she had found in ancient Greece many centuries ago.[4]

Her presence on the island unknowingly triggered the Apple of Eden in the vault, causing the island's residents to be plagued by nightmares and illusions.[3] This led the island's seer Edyt to travel to Ravensthorpe in England to seek the aid of her friend Valka and the Raven Clan's jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir.[5] It was during this time that Eivor crossed path with Kassandra, initially believing her to be responsible. After some reluctance, the two agreed to investigate the phenomenon.[6]

Modern times

By the modern day, Skye was the site of an uncompleted Abstergo Industries facility. Isaiah, both a Templar turncoat and defector from the Instruments of the First Will, briefly used the site around 2016 to locate the final prong of the Trident of Eden. When a Templar strike team moved in on the base, Isaiah used the two pieces already in his possession to compel the team to reinforce his own group of followers. By the time a second taskforce arrived, Isaiah had already relocated to Sweden.[7]



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