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"It's in this bay that the great Athenian strategos Themistokles destroyed the Persian fleet and saved the Greek world from annihilation."
ACOD Isle of Salamis

Map depicting the Isle of Salamis

The Isle of Salamis is a Greek island located in the region of Attika, off the Port of Piraeus.


The area was best known for the Battle of Salamis, where the allied Greek city-states led by the strategos Themistokles defeated the navy of Xerxes I of the Achaemenid Empire.[1]

During the Peloponnesian War ships under the control of Sotera of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the Cult of Kosmos sailed around the Isle of Salamis until she withdrew them on the command of her Sage Nyx the Shadow.[2]

Around the same time the Spartan misthios Kassandra travelled to a quarry on the island, where she eliminated Brison of the Delian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos.[3]



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