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The Island of Triton

The Island of Triton was a small island located in the Aegean Sea, north of the island of Samos.

Home to a large statue of the god Poseidon, the island possessed also a temple dedicated to him, and was named after his son Triton. In 5th century BCE, the ruins of the temple were overrun by a pack of lions.[1]

During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra visited the island while hunting for a Makedonian bracelet for the pirate queen Xenia.[2] Instead of the bracelet, Kassandra found Poseidon's Trident. In addition to the lions, she also discovered that guards loyal to the Cult of Kosmos had set up a camp on the island's northern shore.[1]

She also visited the island at the request of the Athenian sculptor Phidias, in order to find the hidden symbol on Poseidon's statue.[3]




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