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AC4 Pinos Isle

Isla de la Juventud

Isla de la Juventud (English: Isle of Youth), formerly known as Pinos Isle, is an island featuring several ruins of Mayan origin. It is located in the Castillo de Jagua region of the Caribbean, lying south of west Cuba.

In 1716, the pirate Edward Kenway journeyed to the island to chase down Lucia Márquez, to acquire the Templar key she was carrying. Together with Master Assassin Opía Apito, he eliminated her army of Spanish troops, before chasing her through the island's ruins and eventually killing her.[1]

Some time during his stay in the West Indies, Edward also visited the island to eliminate a group of graverobbers desecrating the ruins, as part of an assassination contract.[1]

In August 1716, the French pirate Alonzo Batilla attacked a slave fort and freed the slaves held inside.[2]



  • Despite the island's previous name, it did not seem to possess an unusual number of pine trees.
  • The island is referred to as "Juventud" by both Opía Apito and Vargas during the early 18th century, despite the fact that it was not officially referred to as such until 1978.
  • While the in-game depiction of the island features remnants of Mayan architecture, no such architecture exists on the island in real life.



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