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AC4 Isla Providencia

Isla Providencia

Isla Providencia (English: Providence Island) is an island located in the West Indies, southwest of Jamaica. It was once a Mayan settlement, but was eventually abandoned, with the islanders leaving a massive temple complex behind.


In 1718 Charles Vane and Edward Kenway were marooned on the island by Jack Rackham, who took Kenway's ship, the Jackdaw, for himself. As the months went by, Vane's mind deteriorated, turning him into a recluse living in the jungle, emerging only to steal Kenway's food. After four months, Kenway finally pursued Vane, chasing him through the swamps and ruins until he was able to catch and subdue him in the Mayan ruins on the island.[1]

The two were eventually able to leave the island; Edward captured a fishing schooner and returned to Nassau, while Vane was found in 1720 and taken to Port RoyalJamaica, where he was imprisoned and executed some time later.[1]




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