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Isesu (died 48 BCE) was the wife of Beka and mother of their daughter, living in Yamu, Egypt.

Sometime in 48 BCE, Isesu died of unknown causes. This spurred her husband, Beka, to go to Memphis and buy a Book of the Dead. On his way back, however, bandits attacked him and stole the book. Moaning its loss and fearing he would never be reunited with Isesu, the old man met the Medjay Bayek of Siwa at the market place.[1]

The Medjay agreed to retrieve the book, and did so. Unfortunately, despite being taken care of by his daughter, Beka died of natural causes before the Medjay returned, so Bayek laid the book near Beka's body at the Temple of Sekhmet and hoped it would guide Beka's spirit to Isesu's.[1]



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