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Isembart (died 1191) was a Crusader knight and a friend of William of Montferrat, a knight who served in the army of King Richard I of England.


In 1191, after learning of William's operations in Acre, Isembart came to the city intending to serve as his bodyguard.[1] However, the Levantine Assassins, having recovered a note stating his intentions from another knight, intercepted and killed him at the city docks. Before dying, he taunted the Assassins, stating that William was already aware of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's plan to assassinate him.[2]

Personality and characteristics

Isembart was unwavering in his loyalty to William of Montferrat, going so far as to lay down his life to protect him. Even after being dealt a mortal wound, Isembart still had enough energy to taunt his enemy.[2]

Equipment and skills

Isembart fought with a standard great sword with sufficient combat prowess. Although he was able to hold his own against an Assassin, he could not deal a killing blow and in turn was killed himself.[2]

Behind the scenes

Isembart, an antagonist appearing in the Assassin's Creed: Rebellion Helix Rift event The Eagle's Shadow, wears the armor of the Templars, despite having no affiliation or membership to the organization.

The name Isembart is a Germanic name of Norman origin, derived from isarn ("iron", "steel") and either biart-r ("bright", "glorious") or from barđa ("broad axe"), together meaning "iron-bright" or "iron-axe".



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