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"People over there are so wrapped up in how you perceive the Lord they forget we're all part of his flock. Stories change, Connor. The way people tell them evolves. It's no different in the Bible and I believe that's the real root of all the strife back home. But nobody wants to listen to me – if you don't see it their way, you're a heathen."
―Duncan Little on the conflict in his homeland.[src]

Ireland is an island located northwest of continental Europe, alongside the island of Great Britain. It is divided between the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, the latter being a part of the United Kingdom.

Historically, Ireland has had many conflicts; including conflicts between Catholics and Protestants, nationalists and unionism, for and against the British Empire.

In regards to religious conflicts, Irish Roman Catholics and non-Conformists suffered under British Imperial rule, while Protestants suffered at the hands of a backlash by Roman Catholic republicans. A notable Irishman, William Johnson, was born to Catholic parents, but converted to Protestantism as he found Catholicism limited his opportunities among the nobility due to state-tolerated discrimination. The persecution and violence prompted Irish people such as Anne Bonny, Duncan Little and John O'Brien to migrate to the Thirteen Colonies or fight the British in uprisings that were usually crushed until 1921 following the Anglo-Irish Treaty.[1][2]

During the Irish War of Independence in the early 20th century, rebels under Michael Collins and Éamon de Valera brought the majority of Ireland independence from the United Kingdom.[2] At least one Assassin was active in the conflict.[3]



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