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"Ireland sings a mystery. Listen, and you will hear the beginnings of the world."
―Ciara ingen Medba, Wrath of the Druids Expansion Trailer

Ireland, also known as Éirinn[1], by its poetic nickname Inis Fáil[2] and Hibernia for the Romans,[3] is an island located northwest of continental Europe, alongside the island of Great Britain. It is divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the latter being a part of the United Kingdom.

Historically, Ireland has had many conflicts; including conflicts between Gaelic druidry and early Celtic Christianity,[4] Catholics and Protestants, nationalists and unionism, for and against the British Empire.[5]

In regards to religious conflicts, Irish Roman Catholics and non-Conformists suffered under British Imperial rule, while Protestants suffered at the hands of a backlash by Roman Catholic republicans. A notable Irishman, William Johnson, was born to Catholic parents, but converted to Protestantism as he found Catholicism limited his opportunities among the nobility due to state-tolerated discrimination.[6] The persecution and violence prompted Irish people such as Anne Bonny,[7] Duncan Little[6] and John O'Brien[8] to migrate to the Thirteen Colonies or fight the British in uprisings that were usually crushed until 1921 following the Anglo-Irish Treaty.[5]

During the Viking expansion into England, both Ragnar Lothbrok[9] and later his son Ubba Ragnarsson were known to periodically raid Irish settlements along the coastlines when not leading the Great Heathen Army.[10]

In the Irish War of Independence of the early 20th century, rebels under Michael Collins and Éamon de Valera brought the majority of Ireland independence from the United Kingdom.[11] At least one Assassin was active in the conflict.[12]



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