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Irekanni was an African member of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins who operated during the early 18th century.


Early life

Born during the late 17th century in the Oyo Empire in Western Africa, Irekanni grew up having a troubled childhood, having being raised by overly-strict parents. In time, she entered a rebellious stage and frequently got into trouble. Growing older, she was forced into an unwanted marriage with an abusive husband by her father, that eventually culminate in Irekanni killing her husband. Despite the fact that it was done in self defense, Irekanni was jailed for her actions and sold into slavery overseas.[1]

Irekanni ended up in Saint-Domingue where she was forced to work in a sugar cane plantation under extreme conditions and brutal taskfasters. Within a year, Irekanni secretly organized an uprising consisting of the field workers, killing their overseers and the plantation owner. Irekanni then left to seek her freedom on the open sea.[1]

Joining the Assassins

After winding up in Nassau in the Bahamas, Irekanni met the pirate and Caribbean Assassin Mary Read, who senses a kindred spirit in her. Mary introduced Irekanni to the Creed and convinced her to join the brotherhood in their fight against the Templar Order. After the fall of Nassau, Irekanni remained operating in the Caribbean, disrupting slave trade and Templar control in the region.[1]