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Ipy was an Egyptian woman living in Memphis during the 1st century BCE.


Years prior to 48 BCE, a Ptolemy Commander took the village of Kerke under his command. Due to the village's production of honey and opium, the Commander wanted a cut of the profits; the villagers resisted, including their leader, Meritmaat. In order to get the Kerkites to obey him, the Commander kidnapped Meritmaat's daughter, and threatened to kill her unless Meritmaat got her people to behave. For all that Meritmaat knew, the Commander did so. However, in reality, the Commander spared the girl's life and raised her as his own in Memphis, since he had lost her own daughter, who was around Ipy's age.[1]

Ipy grew up in Memphis, believing the Commander to be her father, and her mother to have abandoned her when she was a small child. This changed when, in 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa hunted down and killed the Commander. Following the Commander's death, the Medjay discovered the truth about Ipy, found her, and told her the truth, directing her to her mother in Kerke.[1]

Eventually, Ipy reached Kerke and found her mother. Though she was confused at what to think about it all, Ipy was willing to get to know Meritmaat, make up for the time they'd lost. Sometime later Bayek happened to visit the town and saw them; he wished them good luck, happy to see such an ending to the story. [2]



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