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Iphri was a young boy living on the streets of Memphis during the 1st century BCE. He was one of the children Nef had taken under his wing, and as such, a 'brother' to Kawit and Matia.


In 48 BCE, a wealthy Roman woman, Gaia Afrania, stole children living on the streets and forced them into slavery as well as into stealing for her. When Kawit tried to save the children Gaia Afrania had locked up, Kawit was taken, too.[1]

The next day, Iphri ran into the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, and told him what had been going on, asking Bayek to find his sister. Bayek tracked the Gaia Afrania's men to an hideout south of Memphis, and after killing the men, Bayek talked to a child hiding there. The child told Bayek that Kawit, along with others, had been taken to a villa in Memphis.[1]

At the villa, Bayek found a bunch of letters between Gaia Afrania and an Alexandrian by the name of Aemilius, revealing them as human traffickers. In the basement of the villa, he found Kawit and Matia. Iphri revealed that he had been following Bayek all along, and while Kawit swore vengeance at Gaia Afrania, the children left for home.[1]

Later, Bayek found them all at the House of Nef, crying over a dead body. Kawit and Bayek exchanged words, Kawit telling the Medjay all that she knew about Gaia Afrania. Bayek agreed to avenge what the Roman had done to the children, and left Kawit to take care of the little ones.[2]



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