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"Fates'll change, and you gotta change with 'em. The smuggler life is over for me, but I don't have a plan."

Iola was a Greek smuggler from Korinthia who operated during the 5th century BCE throughout the Aegean Sea.


During her travels, Iola at some point lost her left eye, and took to the habit of wearing an eye patch.[1]

During the Peloponnesian War, Iola and her crew agreed to smuggle a bear from Arkadia to Kos for Sargon. However, a storm which Iola attributed to Poseidon shipwrecked their vessel on the northern shore of the Sacred Lands of Artemis on Delos. In the wreckage, the bear escaped and mauled Iola and her crew. While Iola managed to escape to the nearby Sanctuary of Apollo, her crew was less lucky. Drawing the attention of people in the city, hunter after another approached Iola, and promised to slay the bear, especially as Iola was willing to pay for this.[2]

Despite all the hunters, the bear still lived, and Iola still had all of her drachmae by the time she made the acquaintance of the Spartan misthios Kassandra.[2]

Telling the misthios about what had happened, Iola promised Kassandra the same drachmae she'd promised the other hunters before, warning her about the beast's ferocity.[2] Kassandra accepted the challenge, Iola visited the Temple of Apollo while she was away. While at the temple, Iola met Barnabas, and they were drawn to each other.[3]

Some time after, when Kyra's rebels celebrated the overthrow of the Athenian rule of the Silver Islands on Mykonos, Iola came to the party together with Barnabas. They confessed their love for each other to Kassandra, and Iola swore to leave the life of a smuggler behind her. Kassandra then offered Iola to join the crew of the Adrestia, and Iola accepted.[3]

Personality and equipment

Iola was a quick-witted and confident woman, who didn't hesitate to admit she was what she was. Caring deeply for her crew, she called them friends and even family, mourning their deaths in her own way.[2]

Armed with a spatha, when pushed enough, she was ready to take on even Kassandra.[2] In addition, the wolf pelt she wore on her shoulders told its own tale of what she was capable of and what she liked, as did her comment about Barnabas' "pretty face".[3]

Behind the scenes

Iola, a character in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, shares her name with a mythical lover of Herakles, who was the indirect cause of his demise.




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