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Into the Storm was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra went to the Teichos of Herakles to rescue several captured civilians.


Kassandra infiltrated the citadel and set about liberating the stranded people, held by the Cult of Kosmos in cooperation with the Order of the Ancients.

[Liberate first person]

One person in particular stood out due to her finery. Kassandra untied her.

  • Kleta: A misthios? Thank you.

Kassandra made her way to the training grounds and liberated the other two captives. With all of the stranded people liberated, she made her way out of the citadel and back to Natakas and Darius.

As she drew near, she heard them arguing about their next move.

  • Darius: We've been in Achaia too long. The Order will catch up with us soon.
  • Natakas: People. Need. Our. Help.

Kassandra spoke to them. One of the captives reunited with her daughter, [name not found, it's the girl that was with Natakas earlier]

  • Child: Mater!
  • Civilian: My child! You're safe. Thank Zeus!

She clasped her daughters shoulders, then they left together. Natakas addressed Kassandra.

  • Natakas: Kassandra! You're back.

Kassandra nodded. The finely-dressed woman ran up to them.

  • Kleta: You're the misthios who saved us. Thank you. I'm Kleta.

She pointed in the direction of her village.

  • Kleta: I'm sheltering the stranded in Boura, a village not far from here. I've been in Achaia for a long time... but something has changed. A dangerous presence is closing in.

(Found the note that began On the Grapevine?)

  • Kassandra: I've found a note belonging to someone called the Tempest.

Kleta's brow furrowed at the name.

  • Darius: You know this name.

She avoided their gaze, but ultimately spoke up.

  • Kleta: Everyone in Achaia knows the Tempest. She's the most ruthless commander to ever sail the Aegean. No one's faced her and lived. And her rage... Poseidon himself fears her. I house those who can't escape the Tempest's wrath in my village. But they can't stay here forever. The harbor is closed. Soldiers are combing the area, looking... I'm working on a plan to get them out of Achaia.

She walked up to Kassandra.

  • Kleta: If you can help, misthios, come find me in Boura.

Kleta took her leave and headed in the direction of Boura. Kassandra turned back to her companions.

  • Kassandra: She knows more than she's saying.
  • Darius: It doesn't matter. The Order is here. Amorges and the rest will not forgive our actions in Makedonia. Amorges will not forget the Huntsman's death at the hand of a Tainted One. His cunning—

He clenched his fist.

  • Darius: —is sharper than any blade. He may already be here, observing us. Learning from our movements, from our choices, discovering our weaknesses...
  • Natakas: The stranded people come from both foreign lands and all over the Greek world—merchants, farmers, sailors, families... They are being imprisoned and interrogated. They are being asked about Makedonia. These people are suffering because the Order is looking for us.

Darius avoided Natakas' gaze.

  • Natakas: These people need our help—we have to do something. Isn't this what we're fighting for? Aren't they worth the risk?

The civilians were some distance away, readying themselves to travel to Boura. As they departed, the little girl waved back.

  • Darius: We can't save them.

Natakas was aghast at his father's thought, until he finished it.

  • Darius: Not if the Tempest is still strong. We need to hit her hard—it's the only way to get the stranded people home.

Kassandra and Natakas heeded his words and nodded at one another. While they looked to each other, Darius vanished in his trademark fashion without a trace. Kassandra raised her brow, and Natakas shrugged sheepishly.

  • Natakas: We should get started.

(Asked "What are you going to do, Natakas?")

  • Kassandra: Where will you start?
  • Natakas: Patrai is overflowing with the Tempest's forces. I'll look for leads there about the closed harbor, and maybe more about the Tempest herself.

(Asked "What do you think about Kleta's plan?")

  • Kassandra: That woman, Kleta...
  • Darius: There's more to the Tempest's tale than she's telling. But... she needs help. The people in Boura need help. They could do with someone like you.
  • Kassandra: Then I'll pay her a visit.

(Asked "What is Darius doing?")

  • Kassandra: Your father sure knows how to make an exit. Where did he go?

Natakas laughed.

  • Natakas: He's been following up on some leads in Patrai. Look for him in the hull of a ship near the Patrai harbor—he's made a small hideout there.

(Leave – "We'll crush the Tempest.")

  • Kassandra: Against the three of us, the Tempest doesn't stand a chance. We'll break her—

Kassandra paused, realizing what their victory would mean.

  • Kassandra: And then you'll be free to leave the Greek world forever.

They both seemed genuinely sad at the prospect of never seeing each other again.

  • Natakas: I'll go to the harbor and track down the Tempest.
  • Kassandra: She can't be the only Order member in Achaia. I'll keep an eye out for the others.
  • Natakas: See you soon, Kassandra.
  • Kassandra: You will.


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