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Into the Rigging was an altered representation of one of a fragmented genetic memory.


We found the Spaniard being interrogated by a British Navy Captain. Kenway coshed the King's Man, but now we need to get our new friend back to the 'Bite.

Kenway is sneaking the Spaniard back to the docks. It is our job to cause a ruckus on the rooftops and draw the redcoats' attention.

Not too much attention, though. We can't have the Royal Navy chasing us across the Caribbean...


Edward and three pirates stood outside a Kingston tavern with the drunk Spanish sailor.

  • Kenway: I'll get the Spaniard to the docks! If you'd be so kind as to occupy George's boys?

Edward and the sailor walked down a back alley.

  • Pirate 1: Kenway's off with his lady love.
  • Pirate 3: There's Redcoats bloody everywhere now!
  • Pirate 1: Good! Let's make 'em work up a lather! To the rooftops!

The pirates climbed up and made their way across the rooftops, eliminating any British soldiers they encountered until they reached the docks in the city's harbor.

  • Pirate 2: *huff huff*
  • Kenway: You lot seem rested.
  • Spanish Sailor: Is that your ship in the bay? I don't think we'll all fit on that. It's so TINY.
  • Pirate 3: It's half a mile out, ye daft fool. We need to take a launch.
  • Pirate 1: Well into it then, ye lazy sows. Thatch'll be wanting to know where his gold is.
  • Spanish Sailor: Gold! I know where there's gold!
  • Pirate 2: Argh! Let's just get out of here!


Edward, the crew of the Sea Dog's Bite, and the Spanish sailor reached the docks without drawing the local garrison's attention and arranged to launch the ship immediately.


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