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Interruptions was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Najma Alayza, a fellow Assassin from the Libyan Brotherhood, has made contact with us in Granada. We unfortunately disrupted an assassination she was carrying out in our attempt to save our allies from the Templars.

She has led is to a safe house she established while hunting her target, a man named Ubayd who we know to have once been among our number.

There is definitely more to her story than a simple assassination mission. We must speak with her and uncover the truth.


The Assassins and Najma met in the safe house.

  • Najma: I cannot believe you let Ubayd get away. We are Assassins. We KILL Templars. Were you not taught this?
  • Aguilar[1]: Our priority was and is the people. But, apologies. What did this Ubayd do to you?
  • Najma: Not just to me, to us. He was once of the Brotherhood.
  • Aguilar: What? He was an Assassin?
  • Najma: Yes. Trained in Libya. When he turned on us, he sold Granada to the Inquisition. He killed the Sultan's advisor, my... father.
  • Inquisition Captain: They're in here! Surround them!
  • Aguilar: What?! The Templars have found us!
  • Najma: Quick, we must escape before we are overwhelmed!

The Assassins exited the safe house and made their way through the city, evading or eliminating any guards in their way, before meeting up in the empty lot behind a warehouse.

  • Spanish Assassin: I think we lost them.
  • Najma: Yes. You have some skill. Look, there is more to this than just revenge.
  • Aguilar: What do you mean?
  • Najma: Ubayd... was my brother. When he betrayed the people of Granada and sold their freedom to the Templars, his dishonor stained me as well.
  • Aguilar: His complicity in the fall of Granada marks him as a greater threat than we imagined. We can help you, Najma.
  • Najma: Yes, you can. Ubayd has a handler. A Templar named Garza. If we take him, we can get to Ubayd, and I know where he is. He has a villa in the city. It is where they are holding your friends. I scouted it once during my search for Ubayd. I will lead you there.


The Spanish Assassins escaped the compromised safe house. They later met up with Najma, who revealed to them that Ubayd was a former Assassin and her brother, and that his Templar handler was still holding Assassin allies in his villa in the city's north end.


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