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Interrogation was a visual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories in the Animus 1.28.


Altaïr headed to the Limassol marketplace in order to interrogate the corrupt Cypriot merchant, Demetris.


Demetris surrounded himself with courtesans.

  • Demetris: Ah girls! Oh my lovelies! Spare an old man from his paltry imagination and let me gaze upon the reality of your beauty.

Altaïr entered the room, startling Demetris and the courtesans.

  • Demetris: Eh? This isn't a public house, for God's sake! Remove yourself, pauper, before I call the guards!
  • Altaïr: I'm here on business, Demetris. I'm looking for one of your clients.. a killer.
  • Demetris: What makes you think I know where to find such a man? I deal in textiles, not cutthroats.
  • Altaïr: Then what am I to make of the rumor that Bouchart hired you to sneak him through the ports this morning?
  • Demetris: Y-you're crazy. I would never work with that... that vile man.
  • Altaïr: Ladies.... would you give us a moment?

The courtesans left, and Altaïr continued with the interrogation.

  • Demetris: Please stop! What is it you want? I'll tell you everything. That damned killer, a Templar cutthroat. It was he who paid me to- Ahhh!

Demetris fell, struck in the back with a throwing knife. Altaïr pursued the killer through an opening in the roof, but he managed to escape.


Altaïr interrogated Demetris, but he was killed before sharing any useful information.



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