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Interrogation was a visual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories in the Animus 1.28.


Altaïr headed to the Limassol Cathedral square in order to interrogate a Templar sergeant about the recent murders in the port.


The sergeant spotted Altaïr.

Altaïr chased the sergeant down, but was ambushed by the Templars.

  • Sergeant: Feeling brave, are we?

Altaïr used a throwing knife to incapacitate the sergeant, and eliminated the ambushers.

  • Altaïr: You cower like a man wracked with a guilty conscience.
  • Sergeant: You're getting desperate, Assassin. Attacking us blindly, grasping for answers.
  • Altaïr: You let Bouchart slip through the ports last night, and murdered two good men in the process.
  • Sergeant: That wasn't my work. I just patrol there. Go pester Demetris. He practically owns those ports.
  • Altaïr: Demetris? A wealthy man, I suppose...
  • Sergeant: Oh quite! A debauched merchant and a gluttonous worm. But he's been a useful ally in this operation.

Altaïr assassinated the sergeant with his Hidden Blade.

  • Altaïr: You can always judge a man by the company he keeps...


Altaïr learned of the corrupt Cypriot merchant, Demetris, who secured Bouchart's passage through the port.



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