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Intercept was a visual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories in the Animus 1.28.


Altaïr witnessed Maria Thorpe's capture at the hands of Armand Bouchart, and decided to rescue her.


Altaïr found Armand Bouchart addressing the Limassol citizens in the Cathedral square.

  • Armand: A foul murder has shaken my Order! Dear Fredrick the Red... slain! He, who served God and the people of Cyprus with honor, is paid tribute by a murderer's blade? Who among you will deliver those responsible to me?

The citizens remained silent.

  • Armand: Cowards! You leave me no choice but to flush out this killer myself. I hereby grant my men immunity until this investigation is concluded.

Osman approached Bouchart, questioning his plans.

  • Osman: Bouchart... The citizens are already restless. Perhaps this is not the best idea.

Bouchart pretended to consider Osman's words, before killing him.

  • Armand: If anyone else has objections, I invite you to step forward.

Maria came running into the square.

Intercept Limassol Cathedral Square 4

Bouchart berating Maria

  • Maria: Armand Bouchart!
  • Armand: Who's that? Ah... An old colleague.
  • Maria: Bouchart! An Assassin has come to Cyprus! I managed to escape, but he cannot be far behind.
  • Armand: Why Maria, that would make this your second miraculous escape from the Assassins, no? Once when de Sablé was the target, and now here on my island...
  • Maria: I am not in league with the Assassins, Bouchart! Please listen!
  • Armand: De Sablé was a weak-willed wretch. Verse 70 of the founding Templar Rule expressly forbids consorting with women, for it is through women that the devil weaves his strongest web. De Sablé ignored this tenet and paid with his life.
  • Maria: How dare you!
  • Armand: Touched a nerve, did I? Lock her up.

Bouchart's guards took Maria away, but were eventually cornered by Altaïr.

  • Templar: What's this? Step back.

Altaïr defeated the Templars and checked on Maria.

Intercept Limassol Cathedral Square 9

Altaïr attempting to persuade Maria

  • Maria: Get your hands off me! They consider me a traitor thanks to you.
  • Altaïr: I am only a convenient excuse for your wrath, Maria. The Templars are your real enemy.
  • Maria: I will kill you when I get the chance.
  • Altaïr: IF you get the chance... but then you'll never find the Apple of Eden. And what would curry more favor with the Templars right now? My head or that artifact?

Maria remained silent and followed Altaïr.

  • Altaïr: I thought so...


Altaïr rescued Maria from Templar imprisonment, and headed off to meet with Alexander.



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