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Intercept was a visual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories in the Animus 1.28.


Altaïr and Maria arrived in Kyrenia, but were discovered aboard the pirate ship, and separated.


Altaïr spoke with Maria during their journey.

  • Altaïr: That's a lovely ring....
  • Maria: It was a gift from Robert de Sablé, when he took me under his wing. This is about all I have left of my ties to the Templars now....
  • Altaïr: Did you study philosophy, Maria?
  • Maria: I've read scraps... nothing more.
  • Altaïr: The philosopher Empedocles preached that all life on earth began simply, in rudimentary forms: hands without arms, heads without bodies, eyes without faces. He believed that all these early forms combined, very gradually over time, creating all the variety of life we see before us. Interesting, hm?
  • Maria: I don't see the point of your ramblings.

A bell rang on the deck, announcing the ship's arrival in Kyrenia.

Intercept Kyrenia Harbor 3

Altaïr speaking about freedom

  • Altaïr: Only a mind free of impediments is capable of grasping the chaotic beauty of the world. This is our greatest asset.
  • Maria: But is chaos something to be celebrated? Is disorder a virtue?
  • Altaïr: It presents us with challenges, yes, but freedom yields greater rewards than the alternative. The order and peace the Templars seek requires servility and imprisonment.
  • Maria: Mmm. I know the feeling...

Altaïr cut Maria's bonds with his Hidden Blade as a pair of pirates observed them.

  • Pirate 1: I knew it was him. I told you!
  • Pirate 2: I'll bet the Templars would pay a pretty handsome reward for those two...

The pirates drew their swords, alerting Altaïr, while Maria took the opportunity to escape. Altaïr fled the ship shortly after, with several pirates pursuing him. Eventually, he found Maria in the company of two strangers.

  • Markos: W-who's this? Stay where you are!
  • Altaïr: Thought I'd seen the last of you.
  • Maria: If only I were so lucky...
Intercept Kyrenia Harbor 9

Altaïr meeting Markos

Altaïr addressed Markos.

  • Altaïr: What is your business with this woman? Are you a Templar lackey?
  • Markos: No sir. The pirates attacked her, and I had to help. But I'm no lackey. I can't stand these Templars.
  • Altaïr: I understand You're not alone.
  • Markos: My name is Markos, sir. I'll help in any way I can, if it means ridding my country of these crusaders.
  • Altaïr: Then I need you to keep this woman safe until I return. I have to find someone before the Templars do.
  • Markos: We'll be patrolling the harbor all day. She'll be safe here with us.


Altaïr and Maria arrived in Kyrenia, and encountered Markos, a local resistance member.



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