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Innokenti Nikolaevich "Kenya" Orelov (born c. 1918) was the son of Nikolai and Anna Orelov, and the brother of Nadya Orelov. Born sometime after his family's immigration to the United States, he is also the grandfather of Daniel Cross.


Innokenti lived with his father, mother, and sister until the Palmer Raids of 1919 separated them. Following the deportation of his sister and mother back to Russia, he was raised alone by his father in a cabin in the woods. There, Nikolai trained him from a young age, in preparation for Assassin teams that would come for them, after his father killed an associate by the name of Sergei.

One day, Nikolai challenged Innokenti to attack him with a knife. He did as he was asked, however, Nikolai easily disarmed him, and made him sleep outside as punishment. This continued for several days until Innokenti finally managed to ambush his father by using the treetops.

With the knife at his throat, Nikolai told Innokenti to be strong, and to kill him, saying he "shouldn't flinch in the face of death". In response, Innokenti pushed the knife further, though he was stopped. Nikolai then acknowledged that his son was ready, and embraced him.

When the Assassins came for Nikolai and Innokenti, the pair ambushed them, killing many with an explosive trap set in their cabin. However, shortly afterwards, Nikolai was shot in the leg.

ACTC-Ending Innokenti1

Innokenti retrieving his father's Hidden Blade

Despite Nikolai's injury, Innokenti and his father managed to reach a river crossing. However, after Innokenti used a zipline to cross over, Nikolai was shot in his other leg by the last remaining Assassin, who wanted to bring him to Washington to learn what Nikolai had been shown by the Imperial Sceptre. He also wanted to bring Innokenti in, and tried to persuade him by telling him that his mother and sister were alive.

However, Nikolai didn't believe him, and prayed for his son to be strong. From there, Innokenti shot his father, with the bullet going through him to also kill the other Assassin. With the threat removed, Innokenti retrieved his father's Hidden Blade from his body.

Innokenti later had a child who was a parent of Daniel Cross.


  • The name "Innokenti" is a Russian name meaning "innocent." Orelov is a foreign name and is most similar to "Orlov", which means "son of eagle."