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"We welcome you into our fold, brother. You... are a Templar. May the Father of Understanding guide us."
―Haytham Kenway concluding Charles Lee's initiation ceremony, 1755.[src]
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 18

Charles Lee being inducted into the Templar Order

The initiation into the Templar Order is a ceremonial tradition practiced by Templars, which marked the induction of an individual into the ranks of their Order. For several hundred years, these ceremonies consisted of the affirmation of the Templars' goals, a vow of silence, and, in some cases, the symbolic bestowal of a Templar ring upon the inductee.


Early details of the practice of initiation are unknown, but a common theme throughout the ceremony was the part that the Grand Master played in the proceedings, usually leading or commencing the initiation. After swearing the new initiate to uphold the values and principles of the Order, the prized Templar ring was given to the new member.

Aside from the bestowal of the ring, however, the ceremony has been known to change from age to age and even from one region to another, to fit the needs of the assembled group.

Golden Age of Piracy

"Mark and remember our purpose. To guide all wayward souls 'til they reach a quiet road. To guide all wayward desire 'til impassioned hearts are cooled. To guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought. By the Father of Understanding's Light, let our work now begin."
―Laureano Torres inducting the new Templar recruits, 1715.[src]
Mister Walpole I Presume 9

Torres bestowing the Templar rings on the new recruits

In 1715, the Grand Master of the Caribbean TemplarsLaureano de Torres y Ayala, inducted Edward Kenway, who was masquerading as the Assassin turncoat Duncan Walpole, into the ranks of the Order. He then handed out Templar rings to Kenway, Woodes Rogers, and Julien du Casse, reminding them of the Templars' secretive nature, their role as the true leaders of the world, and the primary goal of the Order: to tame all of the flaws of the human nature so that humanity could be led into a New World Order.[1]

The ceremony was brief, but solemn all the same, and after the men had received their rings, Torres asked for the Father of Understanding's blessing, before shifting the group's attention to the task of locating the Observatory.[1]

American Colonies

"Together, we will usher in the dawn of a New World. One defined by purpose and order. Give me your hand."
―Haytham Kenway during Charles Lee's initiation, 1755.[src]
ACIII-BraddockExpedition 19

Charles Lee at the conclusion of his initiation

Several years later, after Haytham Kenway led the burgeoning Colonial Templars on a mission to sabotage the Braddock Expedition, the men regrouped in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston to celebrate their success. Before determining their next course of action, Haytham noted that Charles Lee, who had been assisting the group over the previous year, had shown exceptional promise and suggested that he be welcomed into the Order's ranks.[2]

The group – consisting of William JohnsonThomas HickeyBenjamin Church, and John Pitcairn – agreed and stood, and after Lee promised to protect the Order and its principles, Haytham gave him a Templar ring, one that had previously belonged to Edward Braddock. Haytham then concluded the ceremony as Torres had, with a request that the Father of Understanding guide them.[2] Three years later, Haytham presided over the induction of the former Assassin Shay Cormac, who had assisted the Templars in their struggle against the Colonial Brotherhood. The initiation was similar to the one of Charles Lee, who was also present at Shay's own induction.[3]

Spanish Louisiana

"Then I welcome you into our arms, sister. Together we shall usher in the dawn of a New World. One in which our hands will ensure that all things find their proper place."
―Madeleine de L'Isle swearing in Aveline de Grandpré, 1777.[src]
Reconciliation 3

Madeleine inducting Aveline

In 1777, Madeleine de L'Isle, a Master Templar of the Louisiana Rite, organized a small ceremony in the Saint Louis Cathedral, where her stepdaughter Aveline de Grandpré, an Assassin, would be inducted into the Order. Faced with proof of Aveline's loyalty, through the necklace of her dead Mentor Agaté, Madeleine was then given the Prophecy Disk, a First Civilization artifact she had attempted to acquire for many years.[4]

Placing the relic on the altar, she then commenced the induction, her stepdaughter promising to protect the Order and adhere to its principles. After asking the Father of Understanding to guide them, Madeleine turned her attention to the Prophecy Disk and became frustrated upon her discovery that the device did not work as she had intended. She and her allies were subsequently struck down by Aveline, who had merely pretended to join the Templars so she could eliminate them all at once.[4]


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