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"Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine. The wisdom of our Creed is revealed through these words."
―Niccolò Machiavelli before Claudia Auditore's initiation.[src]

The initiation of an Assassin apprentice.

The initiation into the Assassin Order was a ceremonial tradition of the Assassin Order. It was a rite of passage symbolizing when an Assassin apprentice became a full member of the Order, and vowed to commit their life to safeguarding the freedom of humanity.


High Middle Ages

Although the full details of the initiation into the Order up to the 12th century are unclear, the ceremony included the amputation of the ring finger, as a sign of commitment to the Creed. Afterwards, the hidden blade was installed, allowing the Assassin to participate in any assassination missions bestowed upon them.[1]

As noted in the Codex of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, some time after becoming the Order's Mentor, Altaïr used the Apple of Eden to modify the design of the hidden blade, so that the amputation of the ring finger would not be necessary. This change was made so that an Assassin could not be identified by their missing finger.[2]


Assassin: "Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember..."
Initiate: "Nothing is true."
Assassin: "Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember..."
Initiate: "Everything is permitted."
Assassin: "We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins. Nothing is true, everything is permitted."

—The words of the Creed spoken during every initiation.[src]

Ezio Auditore's ring finger is branded.

During the Renaissance, the initiation was performed by the Grand Master of the Order, alongside several other Assassins. The ceremony came in three parts: the speaking of the Creed, the branding of the initiate's left ring finger, and a Leap of Faith.[2][3]

First, the participants stood around a lit brazier, with one Assassin reciting the Creed, which was answered in turn by the initiate. The final words, the maxim of the Creed, were spoken by all present.[2][3]

Perotto Calderon takes his leap of faith.

Next, the initiate's left ring finger was branded with the Assassin symbol, using tongs that had been heated in the aforementioned brazier. This was a modification of the removal of the finger that Mario Auditore once commented on, saying that "In this modern age, we are not so literal as our ancestors, but our seal is no less permanent."[2][3]

Finally, the initiate took a leap of faith to signify their trust in the Order and their fellow Assassins - sometimes preceded by the Assassins present also taking a leap of faith - after which, the initiate was considered a full-fledged member of the Order.[2][4]

Modern times

"Welcome to the Hashashin. Welcome to the Order of Assassins."
―The Mentor to Daniel Cross, 2000.[src]

In modern times, the initiation had become much less formal and relevant. In 2000, the Mentor initiated Daniel Cross into the Order by rewarding him with an old hidden blade, and giving him a verbal welcome to the Order.[5]




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