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Claudia Auditore being initiated into the Assassin Order.

The initiation to the Assassin Order is a ceremonial tradition held within the Assassin Order. It is a rite of passage when a Assassin becomes a full member of the Order and vows to commit their life to safeguarding the freedom of humanity. Through the centuries there have been different renditions of the ceremony.

Third Crusade

"Laa shay'a waqi'a mutlaq bla kul'un mumkin"
―The wisdom of the Assassin Order.

Although the exact details regarding the full initiation during the 12th century are unclear it is believed the initiation ceremony is the procedure in which the ring finger is amputed, as a sign of commitment to the Creed. Afterward the hidden blade is installed and the Assassin is prepared to follow and study the Order and follow the mission bestowed apon them.


"We work in the dark, to serve the light. We are Assassins"
―Niccolò Machiavell

During the Renaissance the initiation involves the Assassin to stand around a blazing fire while their superiors speak the words of their Creed. After they repeat the word spoken their ring finger is brazier to brand the mark of the Assassins with mental tongs. With the wisdom of the Creed spoken and the brazing of the ring finger the newly appointed Assassin performs a Leap of Faith, completing the ceremony and making them a full, official member of the Order, dedicating their life to the Creed.

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